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  1. henrygates

    Uber site stuck in weird language

    The Uber Driver login is stuck in some weird foreign language made of symbols. I can log out and go fresh, but it's always in the same foreign language. I was able to log in and in the menu there's an option to change to any language, but selecting English doesn't do anything. It just reloads...
  2. henrygates

    Instant Pay disabled before even using it?

    So as things happen, I had the need to use Instant Pay. I added my debit card. I get a message saying it can't add the debit card and a text saying there's suspicious activity on my account. It lets me add the debit card after the second try. Then I try to cash it out, and it says I can't. Then...
  3. henrygates

    Uber driver jumps in front of train

    Driving Uber, saddled with debt, checks out.
  4. henrygates

    Auto Echo

    Alexa in the car. Stream music via voice. Apparently comes out later this year. Thoughts? Look at these happy pax who were able to play any music they wanted on command.
  5. henrygates

    Uber eliminates referral fee...

    Well, almost. In my region at least they just cut the referral fee to $10. They may as well just eliminate it. Why would anyone even bother trying to get anyone to sign up for Uber for $10? The more drivers, the more competition, the less rides. I've had a few pax ask me about how they can...
  6. henrygates

    Be an official silly driver

    At least Lyft is being honest about how they see us. The image says it all. Yes, there was also a link to "Learn More" about how to apply....the link didn't do anything. I did check the source code of the email and it was indeed a fake button
  7. henrygates

    Uber will now monitor your driving

    Read between the lines. Uber will now be monitoring your driving. It will also be self detecting potential fender benders. Not moving to your destination? Uber will be detecting you waiting around for that cancel fee. What other nefarious purposes could Uber be using the info for that I've...
  8. henrygates

    Lyft and self driving cars

    Notice he really skirts the questions. I found it more depressing that the "Head of Driver Relations" looks like an Undergrad writing her first 101 essay. And that apparently Lyft pays her so poorly she has to drive Lyft on the side.
  9. henrygates

    What are you earning per mile?

    Not trip miles or gross payouts. Net after expenses, total miles including dead miles from your house door back to your house door. Anyone track their earnings this way?
  10. henrygates

    XL scam

    Encountered a new (to me) XL scam today. Pax ordered an XL. On my way...1 minute out, pax cancels. Not 10 seconds later, I get another ping for X about 1 minute away. I had to check it out and yep! Same name pax. She ordered an XL, reeled me in, and then cancelled and reordered X. I figure she...
  11. henrygates

    Self driving cars?

    Scotty's take...
  12. henrygates

    I'm a VIP!

    Apparently it doesn't take more than a few rides per month to get vip status. And fwiw, price is the same. And Uber keeps offering me steep ride discounts ever since they cut driver pay. @#($"! My pax rating is 5.0. I'll never get a ride if I use this!
  13. henrygates

    The new Uber app is actually okay?

    I've been dreading getting the new Uber app. It just updated on me's not bad. Best part about it is that night mode WORKS when waiting for a ping. No more bright white screen. Everything is arranged differently, some better, some meh. Seems a little simpler and more organized. I guess...
  14. henrygates

    Can't log in...

    I can't log in via the app to their website. There are announcements that open the Uber login in a browser and asks me to log in. I can't. Why? Deactivation? Forgot my password? No....I can't get passed this new stupid verification screen. I've answered it a dozen friggin times and it just...
  15. henrygates

    Uber deleted my profile answer...

    Interesting. In my profile under Favorite Uber Story I wrote "Tips are always appreciated." At some point Uber deleted it. After reviewing the TOS... Uber really doesn't want you making any money. Any suggestions for creative tip hints in the driver profile?
  16. henrygates

    Pax not at the airport curb?

    This could be why! Uber telling pax to order Uber while they are still at baggage claim.
  17. henrygates

    Fake 45min+ notices?

    Lately I've noticed a lot of pings with fake 45+ trip notifications added on. Took 2 XL rides today with the notice. One was 20 minutes and the other 30 minutes. Traffic conditions weren't an issue. Anyone else getting these?
  18. henrygates

    Uber desperate for passengers?

    Uber keeps sending me discounts on rides. $2 off every ride this week. 30% off your rides this week. Etc. I've noticed that each passenger discount coincides with a cut in driver pay, either the base rate or decreasing "quest" incentives. So they're paying for the discount out of the driver's...
  19. henrygates

    Lyft cancellation rate?

    How do you see your Lyft cancellation rate? I can only see the acceptance rate. I looked around the app and searched Google and couldn't find an answer.
  20. henrygates

    Uber parking..

    At an apt complex. I really liked this. It was convenient and the apt made it clear to the pax where they were to be picked up.