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  1. UnicornOfDeath


    My Inspection is coming up in 13 days and my Local Uber hub seems to be closed? Not sure when i first signed up i got my vehicle inspected at my local hub but Now , it’s giving me a list of places i can go get ny car i lnspected that are super far like San Francisco and San Jose and i live in...
  2. UnicornOfDeath

    Ubering and Protests/Riots??

    Has anyone got messed with while ubering during these protests??? Traffic super heavy because of protestors?
  3. UnicornOfDeath


    Hows ubering been since Sacramentos been re-opening???? Seen the map surging 2x-3x
  4. UnicornOfDeath


    How’s everyone making money lately ? Uber eats??? Still just ubering people around???? Since bars clubs etc are closed. Considering doing uber eats or doordash.
  5. UnicornOfDeath

    Update to map

    Two things , i saw something about showing were shorter wait times will be on the map??? Has anyone tooken a ride like this yet? As well i havent been to SMF in a long time. Every time i check the app it’s never surging anymore. Hows it been?
  6. UnicornOfDeath

    Uber going downhill?

    I’m used to making $300 from Friday and Saturday nights in Sac . Now i’m lucky to make half of that these past weeks ? Anyone encountering the same
  7. UnicornOfDeath

    Night Life earnings SF?

    New to this forum , from sacramento. Uber has been dead past weeks in Sac i’m talking Saturday 10pm - 2:30am $78. SUCKS used to be Friday Saturdays at least $140-$170 . I want to head to SF tonight to at least TRY and make $200+. Is that possible for 9pm-2am??? Thanks guys 1579899912 On...