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  1. henrygates

    We get .60 for mile from LYFT??

    I quit driving 3 months ago. Even though I've been peeking at the forum out of habit. The rates they pay are barely minimum wage after expenses. Some individual rides were barely breaking even. No, it's not worth doing.
  2. henrygates

    What to do with people who are full of hubris?

    Introduce them to humility.
  3. henrygates

    Driving In Rush Hour

    The rates are too low. It's not worth it. Work events and other high demand times. They've killed this gig completely. Some events aren't worth it either. Work a Texans game and you'll spend 30 minutes driving 4 miles to the "Uber Dropoff" that's 2 blocks away from the stadium...for a $4 fare...
  4. henrygates

    So slow

    Bad weather and cold.
  5. henrygates

    Uber & Health Insurance

    I don't see a Summary of Benefits sheet. I would want the full disclosure to compare to other plans available on the private market and ACA marketplace before even considering it.
  6. henrygates

    uber rating

    They pay 60 cents.
  7. henrygates

    Driving underwear

    Boxers. Say no to fancy tighty-whities.
  8. henrygates

    Excuse me?

    Don't feel bad for her. The other drivers cancelled because she's in the wrong. Even a small fender bender can leave the infant on the floor with a cracked skull and broken arm. Then you'll be sued for $250k in medical bills because "mom" can't organize her life. You shouldn't feel bad, you...
  9. henrygates

    Any Uber drivers in Cypress allow Dogs (with their owners)?

    Text ahead. Be prepared for cancels and don't take offense. Don't mention a tip, they'll assume you're lying anyway. Just be a good human and tip.
  10. henrygates

    Instant Pay disabled before even using it?

    They still charged me .50. So apparently instant pay has a .50 "sign up" fee. When you sign up you can't use it, but they'll charge you anyway.
  11. henrygates

    Hopefully getting a time waster banned

    They obviously weren't trying to get a certain driver/car or they would have cancelled right away. Someone bored just decided to download the Uber app and be a jerk. I bet there were other drivers accepting that were getting him, too. Or maybe a disgruntled pax who didn't get a free water and...
  12. henrygates

    Somebody school me on the TNC lot.

    Avoid the TNC lot and go out and make money. Class dismissed.
  13. henrygates

    Uber site stuck in weird language

    Okay their site is just down.
  14. henrygates

    Uber site stuck in weird language

    The Uber Driver login is stuck in some weird foreign language made of symbols. I can log out and go fresh, but it's always in the same foreign language. I was able to log in and in the menu there's an option to change to any language, but selecting English doesn't do anything. It just reloads...
  15. henrygates

    UBER, please charge drivers a weekly fee

    So what you're saying is...Uber taking more of our money means more profit....
  16. henrygates

    Why everyone should own a 12.99 front dash cam From eBay

    Buy a quality dash cam. The cheap ones under $100 won't last more than a few months, assuming they work at all. It's shocking how many garbage dash cams are for sale. I guess people just mount them and forget them so they don't realize it doesn't work.
  17. henrygates

    Customers saying they will tip in the app but NEVER do.

    I've had several rides where the app wouldn't let me tip the driver. It just timed out, gave an error, or after adding the tip the screen goes away but no tip is actually added to my tab. Given the frequency of error vs how many rides I take, I bet this happens A LOT. Funny thing is Uber...
  18. henrygates

    Frustrating Saturday night

    Apparently not giving eta for the pickup is Lyfts new thing. The day they did that I stopped driving Lyft and haven't ever since. Totally agree. No way I would drive nights.
  19. henrygates

    Uber select??

    Probably not worth it. What kind of gas mileage are you getting? Maybe it's different there but Select is slow here. I can only drive events and Fri/Sat now when there are XL rides. The rates are so low, at 19mpg I would barely break even doing X rides. Uber literally priced me out of working...
  20. henrygates

    So I saved a chick from being beaten by her boyfriend last night

    That was pretty harsh. Did you miss the part about her going psycho? No, I wouldn't have done what he did, but I don't think it makes him quite as bad as the abusive boyfriend. I don't think that he should have turned around and tried to give the phone back unless it was a quick yell of...