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  1. Mims Athome


    Has anyone been driving in Springfield since the new casino opened? How is it?
  2. Mims Athome

    Business Activity Type and Business Activity Code

    I'm fiddling with my taxes. What is the business activity type and business activity code for Lyft? TIA Marie
  3. Mims Athome

    Contact Lyft With No Phone

    Yep, my mobile phone pooped the bed. How to I access my account without my phone? I also need to contact Lyft about my last ride of the day. TIA Marie
  4. Mims Athome

    Lyft Amp, bluetooth, navigation and audio

    I have a Nexus 5X and I drive a 2016 Honda Fit. When I’m in the car I can’t hear the navigation instructions if I have bluetooth turned on. So I never use bluetooth when I’m working because I won’t hear navigation. However, the Lyft Amp requires bluetooth. The 2016 Honda Fit does not support...
  5. Mims Athome

    What? We're Being Rated on Line Route

    I saw this post in The Hub. Are our ratings including the line route now? Something we have little control over? That doesn't fee right? Am I getting this correctly?
  6. Mims Athome

    Comm Ave Bridge Project This Summer

    Pardon if this has been posted before. I just got the email today. Ugh. I didn't realize the BU bridge will be closed. Oh well, it's about time. Mims
  7. Mims Athome


    Has anyone tried this app? Apparently one needs a referral code to try it. Anyone have a referral code? I'm curious! TIA
  8. Mims Athome


    Anyone know about this new (well at least to me) ride share service? What's the buzz, if any? TIA
  9. Mims Athome

    Ready to Drive with Lyft

    So I'm nearly finished qualifying and onboarding with Lyft. It's been a year since I signed up for ride share work and it's been an interesting year with Uber. I'm ready for the next phase, trying out Lyft. Right off the bat, I have to say that the online tutoring for Lyft was excellent. Uber...
  10. Mims Athome

    Boston Office Location

    Where is the Uber office in Boston? I have a young friend who signed up and has been waiting for approval. I suggested he visit the local Boston office, but I'm not sure where it is? I tried searching the forum and could not find the information. Do they have a phone number to call? TIA Mims
  11. Mims Athome

    Filing Taxes TuboTax or Tax Act?

    What do people use? I have used both for my taxes, simple to file. But this will be my first year doing Uber on my taxes and I'm wondering what people prefer between the two? Any pros and cons on one over the other? TIA, Marie
  12. Mims Athome

    New Years Eve Boston First Night

    I am thinking (seriously) about driving on NYE in Boston. It's my hometown and I began thinking (over-thinking?) driving around town during First Night festivities. I simply searched and found these road closures posted for last year. I can't find anything for this year, but one year should not...
  13. Mims Athome

    Black Friday Shopping

    I'm thinking of driving tomorrow for Black Friday in the Framingham Natick area, along Route 9. Has anyone in Massachusetts worked in that area? It's one of the biggest shopping areas in our state and was just wondering what other MA drivers think.
  14. Mims Athome

    Uber Earnings Calculator

    I love the earnings calculator under the resources tab. Has anyone done this up as a spread sheet and is willing to share? I'm not smart with spreadsheets so I can't do it myself, but would love it if someone else has figured that out. TIA Marie
  15. Mims Athome

    Busking Potential Clients For Rides

    One of my recent clients told me she had another driver give her his telephone number and to call him next time she needed a ride. How does that work? Why would a driver do that?
  16. Mims Athome

    What A Bust

    I fell for the Uber hype and went out today thinking I'd make lots of money for Halloween. Classic sign of a newbie, huh? I made less today than I did my first ever day out. So maybe now I'm not a newbie anymore? One can only hope.
  17. Mims Athome

    First Earnings Statement Question

    I just started last Friday 23 October. Today I got my first paycheck and statement. The screenshot attached has notes I don't understand. Can someone explain what they mean? It looks as if Uber is paying me $10 an hour. And what does it mean I am "entitled" to a minimum? This is a bit confusing...
  18. Mims Athome

    New Driver Western Mass

    Hello! I am a new driver and started yesterday. I am located in Western Massachusetts, and this includes the cities of Northampton, Amherst, Springfield and Holyoke. Overall, first day went well, but I felt very nervous at first. And I had a glitch with learning how to use the app. I really...