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  1. UberwithStuber

    Delivering Alcohol in Tampa...

    What could possibly go wrong! How about not this kid...:sneaky:
  2. UberwithStuber

    Destination Filter and Mileage deductions

    I use the DF daily when I leave in the morning. I set Airport as DF. 4 out of 5 days, I receive a ping. When I leave airport, or last dropoff, I head to my day job. Same going home at night. Use DF as home. Most days get rides. Will IRS consider these as commutes, or legitimate attempt to gain...
  3. UberwithStuber

    Amalie Arena dropoff

    I don't think I got the memo. Last night, dropped pax at Amalie for the hockey game at the front of the arena, at what used to be the Uber/Lyft drop spot- at the pull in near Channel side and Morgan. The cop flags me down, and he was cool about it, but tells me this is no longer dropoff for...
  4. UberwithStuber

    Interview with Uber execs

    Have you watched the interviews sponsored by Uber on YouTube by Uberman and or SimpleDriver. I found them very insightful and informative. Your thoughts...
  5. UberwithStuber

    Dash camera, 2 way recorder

    With all the shenagins going on with sexual harrasment, and driver abuse of pax, or even pax abuse of drivers, I'm really getting concerned. What type of recording device do you use? Two way video seems to me the best protection, but I'm curious as to what other drivers use or think about this...
  6. UberwithStuber

    A First!

    A double tip! Picked up an older couple at a bar in Brandon, drove them home on what I thought would be a typical $3.19 er. Just chit chatting about the usual, and as they leave, pax hands me a couple of bucks. "Thank You sir, and good night!" When I get home, I see another $3.00 tip through...
  7. UberwithStuber

    Thank You Tampa Bay area!

    I hit my goal, and am going to fly to Vietianne Laos on Saturday morning! I started driving in January, and banged around the entire Bay area about 4 to 5 days a week. I really enjoyed meeting some great people, and I guess I was fortunate because really only had 1 bad pax. She was just an...
  8. UberwithStuber

    Thank You Orlando!

    I took my daughter and 2 of her friends to Sea World. I dropped them off, and experienced the target rich envirnoment you guys work in. Sea World, Disney, Universal, downtown, airport and I drive, it was one of the busiest days I've ever had. Literally, ping after ping after stacked ping. The...
  9. UberwithStuber

    Did I miss the memo..

    Or has surge all but disappeared? No longer any red-ever, in any shade. Or there so many ants pecking away at rides, that there is no surge in Tampa any more.
  10. UberwithStuber

    GrubHub tipping primer

    I just saw this online, thought it was very interesting...
  11. UberwithStuber

    Funny Morning Ping

    This morning, I received a ping to a Bayshore address. When I got there, said "G'Morning" to pax, and slid green bar to start trip. The address was very familiar! It was where I work for my day job. ( A car dealership on Dale Mabry) I asked him if he was pickuing up his car from service. "NO, I...
  12. UberwithStuber

    Android Tablet Help

    I use an Android tablet to view my pay statements at the end of every day. I find it easier to use than Iphone. I now can't open it. I get an error message that say "ERR-TOO MANY REDIRECTS TRY CLEARING YOUR COOKIES" I cleared cookies and same issue. Any ideas? Shut tablet down, restart, doesn't...
  13. UberwithStuber

    Long Distance "Trip Ended" notification

    I accepted a trip on Friday night that would have taken pax to Naples Fl. A little past halfway there, I get a notification on my phone that the "Trip Ended"! What! In the middle of nowhere on I-75, Uber expects me to drop pax off at a "safe location." So in your opinion, what should I have done?
  14. UberwithStuber

    Imagine pulling up in this...

    2012 Lexus LFA...could it be Select?!?
  15. UberwithStuber

    I took your advice! Thank You Uberpeople

    I have in the past accepted all pings, and as you so kindly warned me, "Don't accept anything over 10 minutes!" You were right, the long pings never panned out. Never! So this morning, my first ping was 11 minutes away-Ignore. Second ping-14 minutes-Ignore 3rd ping- 6 minutes, I accepted, got...
  16. UberwithStuber

    Airport Miracle

    I dropped pax at Red side departure, and message popped up "Go to parking lot to stay in queue" or something like that. Showed 27 cars. I'm not hanging around, even for 27 cars. As I exit Red side, the circle pops up with only 5 cars, and surge in red! I slowly circled back around,
  17. UberwithStuber

    Maps for Driving at Night

    A get a message on my homescreen that Uber has changed the map display at night to a dark background? It doesn't seem to work! Needless to say, I'm not surprised, but maybe I'm not doing something right...
  18. UberwithStuber

    In the eyes of a passenger...

    Passenger tells me that last several Uber cars he got in were disgusting, trashy, smelly and driver played loud music. My advice to to them is as soon as car pulls up and it is a POS, cancel the ride and then request a new car. As quick as we are to cancel on them, they should cancel on us if...
  19. UberwithStuber

    Here I sit...not doing a damn thing

    At my desk job on Gaspirilla Saturday, bored to tears as I watch the surge ebb and flow. I don't get off till 3, and sure hope to see alot of red on my screen then!
  20. UberwithStuber

    Uber "sticker" required?

    So I'm on my third week of driving, ( sorry, I'm one of those dreaded newbies flooding the market...:() I read that Uber was going to mail me a sticker to place on my window...I havn't received it yet. I made a photocopy and use that placed on the RF of my dashboard. I also signed up for...