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  1. WestSydGuy

    Problems for Uber Eats drivers with parking at Westfield Woden and Belconnen

    Good stuff Jack, sounds like lots of shoppers would be complaining also. I'd suggest to them a 30 minute row of parking, closer to the food court. Some MacDonalds have designated a single UBEREATS car park space, in Sydney, close to the doors.
  2. WestSydGuy

    GetMe2 ad in the Canberra Weekly?

    This is possibily the best time to launch, lots of drivers would sign up, that's for sure.
  3. WestSydGuy

    Nsw small business $3,000 covid19 grant

    Would something like this be covered also? "Uber Lyft Taxi Virus Protection Transparent PVC Car/SUV Isolation Kit Free Ship"
  4. WestSydGuy

    Events List - NRL, AFL, Races - 01st - 05th July 2020

    Thanks @Mulder99 Do many long trips come from NRL matches finishing?
  5. WestSydGuy

    Nsw small business $3,000 covid19 grant

    Perhaps we could all request an app is developed to assist our business, to match riders with drivers... If enough of us get $3k in funding, we'd be able to start NSW-ber - RideShare for the people! digital solutions (for example, e-commerce or business websites). I'm waiting for the...
  6. WestSydGuy

    Sweden says: - Corona is all BS !! & Sweden economy all ok!

    I had the feeling baggage handlers were paid by the airport, I hear the handlers all get split shifts, so sleep in the mid day lull. I'm still not sure why anyone thinks we need a second airport, Sydney airport is dead from 10am-6pm for international flights, and most of those flights are not...
  7. WestSydGuy

    Uber Eats Bike Riders Incomes - In The News

    Not since the last week of May, Uber can change their algorithm as they like. It's just a gig, after all.
  8. WestSydGuy

    Logbook changes due to COVID-19

    So, like a lot of part time drivers, my income, business usage, fuel usage, has dropped dramatically with covid-19. However my rego, CTP, car servicing, washing, repairs and insurance have remained the same. How should we approach the upcoming BAS and 19-20 tax return? My understanding is the...
  9. WestSydGuy

    Instant Asset write off extended for another 6 months.

    That’s a perfect car for rideshare, I have a Hyundai also, just finished the factory warranty. The newer models have 7 years warranty and some dealers don’t mind repairing under warranty even with an Uber sticker, as long as you register it privately and not to a business (shorter warranty period).
  10. WestSydGuy

    Amazon Flex

    Are the weekend blocks a higher payment? Or it varies through the week?
  11. WestSydGuy

    UberEats delivery rider registration process is stuck

    They are waiting for some current drivers to drop off, would be my guess. If the supply/demand changes, you’ll be onboarded immediately.
  12. WestSydGuy

    Uber in an EV in Sydney

    I'd also be interested if you are likely to exceed $22k revenue this tax year (20k ex GST), which I think is likely based on your numbers and work ethic. If so, have you considered the non-commercial losses so essentially writing...
  13. WestSydGuy

    Uber in an EV in Sydney

    Thank you @QBN_PC for the highly detailed and useful post, an excellent place to add updates as you go further on your journey. Your first BAS and GST refund would be very interesting. I'm quite interested in knowing more around the loan, in terms of if it's a personal type loan, where the ATO...
  14. WestSydGuy

    How's the business today folks?

    I find the 5 minute timer countdown gets people to rethink their "sit on their arse" strategy.
  15. WestSydGuy

    How's the business today folks?

    Are you driving an EV now? If you have a post detailing your EV and experience so far, would be handy to link that in your signature please :smiles:
  16. WestSydGuy

    Best Phone Case for UberEats scooter

    Hey all, does anyone have any tips for a decent phone holder for a scooter? Something that can be removed and securely attached to a scooter often, perhaps with a battery pack inside?
  17. WestSydGuy

    ATO: Increased thresholds to support your business

    Excellent info Jack, hopefully will help others also. If anyone is considering buying a computer (over $300 ex GST) in the last month of this financial year, can we apply the instant write off to computers, or it needs to be put into a 4 year depreciation plan?
  18. WestSydGuy

    ATO: Increased thresholds to support your business

    Awesome info @Jack Malarkey thank you. I was wondering with the CoViD-19 reduction in trade (for me, to zero), and car loan/insurance/rego/CTP still ticking along, I wanted to ask two questions to the community, and yourself: Would the 3 month/5 year logbook still be a valid way to account...
  19. WestSydGuy

    Amazon Flex

    Unlike Uber, it's not an unlimited supply/demand type of gig. It's nice to see a company deciding not to waste everyones time by diluting the market :thumbup: 1590126847 Yes, it's zoned I, so you're not driving all over the city.
  20. WestSydGuy

    Amazon Flex

    I've noticed a few more people delivering for Flex, from a customer point of view. They allocate 4 hour shifts, and the drivers snag them ASAP. Would pay around $30-40 an hour, but depends how far from the warehouse you need to travel, in Moorebank NSW I believe.