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  1. dfs3317

    App Issues today?

    I just accepted three trips in a row and got the infamous "something went wrong" message all three times and my app is not showing me as "online" just blank there and the Uber help line either gets a busy signal or it the message "the number you dialed is not a working number" message???? Did...
  2. dfs3317

    Anybody else ever try this?

    I was home last weekend and decided to use Uber Eats for dinner for my daughter and I and we chose a TexMex restaurant that I get as many as 5 orders a day from when I'm online so just to see if it would happen I logged in after placing the order and sure as defecation I get a ping from that...
  3. dfs3317

    Is this something new

    I did a quick search and didn't see a topic on this yet but got this today and wondering if it's something or just new in my area. I know postmates and DD do this but been at this for a year and this is the first this came up
  4. dfs3317

    Time limiT

    I wasn't aware we had a time limit of being online? I signed in for a couple of hours this morning and just logged in again and was told I had 10 hours online or left or I could wait until 830PM and have 12 hours Whats up
  5. dfs3317

    UberEats customers

    This is why nobody is answering the door
  6. dfs3317

    One year anniversary yesterday!!!

    Ticker tape parade scheduled for this afternoon with free psych counseling on tomorrow's agenda!:barefoot:
  7. dfs3317

    This was a first I got a call from support

    I made a pickup and was in the process of delivering some cupcakes literally across the street and was turning into the parking lot and the phone rang with a Leesburg VA area code I usually ignore non identified phone numbers but thought it might be someone concerning the delivery so I answered...
  8. dfs3317

    Speed limit on app

    Is this something new again? In the past few days every time I turn on the app the speed limit setting is automatically turned on. When I first started driving almost a year ago I saw it and turned it off in the settings and it never came back on until this week and now everytime I begin a...
  9. dfs3317

    UE App issues today??

    or is just me or my area. The earnings and trip updates are working sporadically. Still getting pings, got 3 in a 90 minute time frame, just updates aren't loading or they load then fade. I've rebooted a couple of times and blah
  10. dfs3317

    Federated States of Micronesia and other Uber GPS stories

    Here in Texas they have roads identified as FM then the number which stands for Farm to Market road and the brilliant UBER GPS app identifies it as Federated States of Micronesia 528. I think the app must generate from the same countries that customer service is outsourced to There has been...
  11. dfs3317

    Lack of delivery requests

    I've been doing Eats deliveries for the past 9-10 months and in the past couple of days the requests have literally been non existent. I generally log in around 8 AM and stay on line between 8-230 so I'm home when my kid gets out of school. Now yesterday I logged in at 8 and around 9 I drove...
  12. dfs3317

    Newbie here. Can you advance schedule a ride

    Like a couple days ahead of time? Need to go to Houston Amtrack on a Friday morning