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    Tricky unemployment questions... please help

    Ya I tried to but I'm still currently employed.
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    Tricky unemployment questions... please help

    Always got jokes uber's guber haha I like your style. Ya basically not enough patients they have other locations but they are pretty far away 45 mins+ Ok thanks I'll apply on 6/7 Thanks everyone!
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    Tricky unemployment questions... please help

    So my employment ends June 6th I should wait til then to apply?
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    Tricky unemployment questions... please help

    So today I got a notice that my job is going to be terminated in June 6th... I work at a hospice and they just arnt busy enough to keep the place open. Also I will be receiving a severance for 5 weeks after June 6th. I haveworked for doordash this year but haven't in about 1 month. Am I eligible...
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    Bonus promotion

    I thought it was the 3 × 1.8 boost and only took that bc I was like 500 feet away
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    Bonus promotion

    They had a 1.8x boost in my market, 1st I've seen in almost a year, and then they do this 1589241324 I've never seen less than $3 for any trip ever so they just took away the "trip supplament" and replaced it with the promotion. F u uber I'm deleting u again
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    Alright DoorDash folks, help me out here

    Just wait til peak pay its $4.50 here now... I haven't gotten 1 order request in 58 minutes but... oh wait I'm screwed never mind
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    Thank god I did not drive at all today

    What quest? I didnt receive any quest 🤔
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    Additional tipping?

    Such a scumbag company they rob drivers and try to confuse them with all these games and also charge restaurants like 30% and on top of that ever notice when u have to pay for an order with the red card that it's always lower than what the customer pays. Saw a Wendy's order that was $23 and some...
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    Prolly a dumb question but please help

    If I opt out of doordashes arbitration agreement can I still drive for them? They just sent me another t.o.s. agreement where I can opt out and this us the 2nd one in like 6 weeks so I'm guessing they plan on losing that d.c. case. When I looked back on early pay from 2017 it's all gone I think...
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    Another DD Change

    So every order now says "includes dd pay and customer tip" total may be higher? Wtf does that mean if everything us included. Y all the damn games with these p.o.s. companies.
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    Doordash arbitration question

    Can someone tell me how I can opt out of arbitration on doordash please and thank you.
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    Doordash not working

    So the last hour on doordash I'll get an offer but nothing shows on screen I only get a notification but there isnt even the accept or decline. I uninstalled and reinstalled but didnt help. Anyone have this happen and can help? 1572031131
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    I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!!!!!!

    It will work after uber lays off the fraud department ?
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    door dash , new update.

    Do they show how many you have done in the month? It would take a long time to look thru all the deliveries
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    Door Dash, the new dilemma with the new pay scale.

    Well doordash did it to themselves by stealing tips in the 1st place and now some customers only tip in cash but they didnt get the memo that doordash doesnt steal tips anymore.
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    LYFT stock drops below $40 a share,it's at its all time low?

    These companies couldn't be any dumber.
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    Gas prices soaring in California at a rapid pace..

    $2.41 a gallon in Cleveland but I get $.15 off once a week from T-Mobile and shell ?
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    McDonalds after 11pm... Manager refuses to give me order after skipping line

    The point of the drive thru line at the speaker is to place an order and then pay. Your order was already placed and paid for so I see no problem at all skipping the line. But this is just another reason to avoid McDonalds. The manager reminds me of a hall monitor in school that would make you...
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    Am i going to get deactivated for a pax's....stupidity?

    I thought uber refuses to watch dashcam videos?