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  1. yurik

    Global Boycott on the 8th of May

    Please forgive me for beeing too theoretical and not specific. I am talking about the city dwellers here as country side living "in the sticks" guys are self sufficient mostly. I consider Lyft beeing a copy of Uber with same investors, and providing same function. I am trying to say we are in a...
  2. yurik

    Global Boycott on the 8th of May

    City-wide transportation is a natural monopoly. It is natural, as it is easely obtainable. It desirable by city dwellers have one name that fulfills the need. It is like that by design. Taxi industry was able to hold it. Now Uber is trying to get it, racing to the bottom. Imagine the day when...
  3. yurik

    Uber Beacon wanted

    You don't have to believe anything on this forum. I don't myself. I drive slow, jump low, and won't f0#$ . Your flame is misguided. I have stated just facts from Agreement(s) and Addendum(s). Logically, if you don't follow terms of any agreement another party doesn't have to follow them...
  4. yurik

    Uber Beacon wanted

    Your post reads to me as looking to buy stolen property. I have returned mine, and I guess my 'politically correct' reply should be: "You have to be invited to pick your Beacon up at Uber office".
  5. yurik

    Uber Beacon wanted

    Do you really want to display you are eager to work for half the taxicab pay? Beacons are owned by Riser, and not drivers' to sell. As part of research project, Beacon Agreement adendum allows them to collect, analyze, and resell telemetry data supplied by beacon back to mothership.
  6. yurik

    "Blue Light" Moron!

    Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV, a Brazilian-Belgian corporation with headquarters in Leuven. ...choice of new generation
  7. yurik

    What will it take for you to quit?

    Carrot+stick with a side if a herd mentality... Giving a former driver a ride, and finding out he/she/it is doing something more profitable now, with low entry boundary. Next big thing eg. Mining coin, growing ..., trading, flipping, renting. Oh I know, ... Issuing parking tickets to ridesharing...
  8. yurik

    Is Uber beacon necessary to install? Do drivers have a choice?

    Sorry for late reply. The agreement simply cannot be broken. In that agreement, you are helping dUber to collect telemetry data, and you might have been privileged to find out what they collect and intended to do. You have to protect what you found out, even after braking agreement. While you...
  9. yurik

    Is Uber beacon necessary to install? Do drivers have a choice?

    I have been offered to install beacon recently, and wasn't told there is Beacon Supplement written in fine legalese to agree to. Returned mine due to not agreeing with terms of that Beacon Supplement. Riser owns you completely after you have it installed. I think I might be the only one to...
  10. yurik

    Trucker jobs- good pay

    Not everyone is cut out for the OTR job, and after 7 years I was still learning. Transport Industry is finally changing due to lack of drivers agreeing to play with logbooks, weight, tire pressure, loads compatibility, load securement... etc. My family was falling apart, in my mind, and I had...
  11. yurik

    No ping for waiting uber eats drivers?

    To calculate who best will service a customer(who gets the ping first), travel time to pickup location is used most likely. It has to be calculated, using Uber's GPS and routing software, from where you are to where McD is, using direction and speed of travel. If you have same location as McD...
  12. yurik

    MY FIRST 3*

    Light you see...mhh...
  13. yurik

    Best way to prepare for the downtown driving

    As I see that you are as stuborn as most of us, I would suggest Watch '5 seeing habits' for UPS drivers and '10 point commentary' for UPS drivers. The company that bought this system drills it into new hires heads for 2 weeks. Jump in a transport truck as a helper with someone doing delivering...
  14. yurik

    What to do

    You made a problem for yourself, when insisting on seat belts. Some things are better never told. Just do what man on your passenger seat told you. Keep driving, they are fine.
  15. yurik

    MY FIRST 3*

    It was a week ago, as they delay rating posting. And to some 3 is just uneventful ride, your version of 5. +1 if driver talks and nice a person. -1 if bad driver. Never above 4. Some are that mathematical.
  16. yurik

    Tax Statement 2018 for Uber & Lyft ?

    There was a webinar by Turbo Tax. It is still available on YouTube. TurboTax for Uber Partners. I suggest watching both 2016, and 2017 versions of it. They are 'almost' the same, except for some real important details in audio track. I used my own KM from my log, not uber's. And I believe...
  17. yurik

    Car Maintenance - What do you do yourself?

    How do you rotate tires within same set? At what KM-milage? Can you elaborate on steps...please. How do you change "brakes" 's rotors, and spread the caliper without special tools? I'm thinking about buyin grease gun for calipers..
  18. yurik

    Car Maintenance - What do you do yourself?

    Per half-axel ? So it is within an hour for all four wheels. Total4 hours with all the prep,unbolting, and clenaup, correct?
  19. yurik

    Car Maintenance - What do you do yourself?

    Have anyone tried replacing brake pads,rotors, and greasing pistons. How hard, is there any benefit doing it yourself? I am contemplating ....