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  1. cin90

    New pic of the week

    Not saying she's not attractive but the snapchat filters are in full force. Is this a new dating feature or perhaps she just wants to turn people on. Or just feeling herself as they say, lol. How I've missed UP!!
  2. cin90

    First 2 days as Lyft Driver - very dissappointed so far - so many questions - no one to call?

    First experiences during first few weeks are definitely disheartening. I appreciate this forum so much for so much for bouncing things off of. I read most of your post but wanted to comment on the one paragraph about the 18-minute away ride. I had a very similar experience. What I learned...
  3. cin90

    Early AM crew

    What's the happs, guys? Missing everyone. I've been on hiatus. May come back to drive....need to supplement my income legally now. Where is everyone and how are you doing? How is the a.m. driving going or driving period? Let me know what's up and what I've missed! Hope everyone's been...
  4. cin90

    Uber & Lyft Threaten Chicago

    All the skeletons will be brought out. As they should be!
  5. cin90

    Lyft Discontinuing Glostache for "Something More Exciting"

    Trying to pacify you. Just have you wait for the new logo thing! Instead, they're trying to get rid of their old inventory. Lame.
  6. cin90

    3 stop Lyft Lines: how long has this been going on??

    I haven't driven for a few months or so but earlier this year I had a few Lyft Lines and the max was always 3. If there is any awkwardness, what did they expect - they are just cheap a$$es wanting a discounted ride. Well, there's a chance you won't get to where you're going as quickly as you...
  7. cin90

    I'm out Bye Forum

    You'll be back. They always come back. :p Thanks for sharing! Congrats and good luck. See you around the boards :-)
  8. cin90

    Lyft no money

    Ha! Good one. Children, I tell ya, children!
  9. cin90

    Lyft no money

    Child lock is the solution for these children.
  10. cin90

    Lyft no money

    Central location, y'all.
  11. cin90

    Lyft no money

    :p Close enough? Oops. .all tongue, haha
  12. cin90

    Almost had it! But then......

    Lyft is such a tease.
  13. cin90

    Lyft no money

    Oh, I know you're a goodie :D
  14. cin90

    Lyft no money

    I prefer the oldies but goodies, though.
  15. cin90

    Lyft no money

    Todo bien. All good! Thinking of y'all :-) And now...summertime, summertime! We should all hang. At some point...
  16. cin90

    Lyft no money

    I haven't driven in some time and ASS-umed that was the reason I didn't receive the guarantee email.... Hola XUberMike and the rest of my peeps. How you be? afrojoe824 F213 melxjr KekeLo
  17. cin90

    Deactivated my Express Pay ???

    Wow - you owe Lyft money???
  18. cin90

    Driver loaded luggage, thought passenger was in the car, but she wasn't

    Don't know what those are and she does have a big foot but don't you think she should be in the vehicle before the driver attempts to drive away? :rolleyes:
  19. cin90

    Driver loaded luggage, thought passenger was in the car, but she wasn't

    I believe it... A Lyft driver drove over the foot of a pax I called on behalf of - the pax's first Lyft! Hope she's not too traumatized. She's OK, BTW. But how irresponsible of that driver! The driver said she thought the pax was in the car. SMH! o_O :mad: