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  1. Dannyyellowcab

    Picked up two .....

    45 st and 8 ave picked up two ....the only reason I did it because they looked like tlc agents ...wanted to go to west 4 and 6 Ave's Times Square a lot of traffic starts complain why we went only two block and it's 7 dollars ...and said he will only pay 11 dollars ...I said you...
  2. Dannyyellowcab

    2017 escalade doing lyft

    How can he make money in 90k car even if via pays him 35 dollars an hour I mean doing via
  3. Dannyyellowcab

    Last couple weeks decline in yellow earnings

    Last week was holiday but week ago was slow as well ...May be nice weather to blame or apps not surging and people just go for cheap uber pool rides .
  4. Dannyyellowcab

    Post your longest trip ever ...Taxi , App and limo

    In December 2007 I had Japanese guy from jfk asking to take him to Atlantic City , I checked price is was around 500-550 I don't remember exactly , he say ok and off we go . Two hours later I dropping him at Caesars and he hand me 50 dollar and 20 bill and says keep change . I was like wtf , he...
  5. Dannyyellowcab

    For new uber drivers....this is how you supposed to get paid

    Jfk terminal 4 to Edison nj . 186 fare 21 tolls 41tips And that how you make money boys and girls Stop driving for uber before it destroys us all
  6. Dannyyellowcab

    Uber sucks

    Feel free to post your pics and frustrations here
  7. Dannyyellowcab

    Mercedes metris doing via

    Just saw Mercedes metris on Madison and 79 st with big via sign . Just buy a freaking bus already will be making even more money Lol
  8. Dannyyellowcab

    Another lucky fare from jfk

    today about 8:30 am terminal 4 ...guy ask how much to Somerset nj say 211 ...he says fine ....211 plus 20 tolls and 25 tips ....took 3 hours back and forth ...very nice Indian fellow from Zurich ....not to shabby
  9. Dannyyellowcab

    Great night at Atlantic City

    Got fare from jfk to Madison nj at 2 am terminal 8 ....cheapskate ask for price ...I checked book's says 160 ...he says no take me to penn station .....then he tells me can you do it for 100 ..I say ok just pay tolls ....anyways hour later I dropped him off he pays 130 cash is dead...
  10. Dannyyellowcab

    It's very hard to make living in this industry

    As it's getting harder and harder to make living have you consider other career choices like card counting in blackjack ....I red you can make 15-25 dollars in hour....seriously what other job will you want to do ???
  11. Dannyyellowcab

    Ways to improve uber and eliminate taxi industry

    Uber business model could care lessabout drivers ...Travis is megalomaniac trying to build global network of driverless robots .uber losing 2.5 billion a years because they invest very heavy in driverless technology, crazy expansion and promos for drivers and pax .To make this business sucesfull...
  12. Dannyyellowcab

    Tlc has office in terminal 4 at jfk

    Yesterday I dropped pax ...this Spanish looking guy comes to me and say please take me to city I said go downstares there cabs there I am not allowed ....he says what a difference ( persistent sob) I get pissed off ..I said nice try @@@@@@@ ...where you hiding you tlc badge ....he says...
  13. Dannyyellowcab

    If tlc doesn't care about rules why would I

    Tlc supposed to protect medallion owners ....last medallions sale city sold 500 for price over 1 mil dollars each that 500 mil in city revenue and then allowed uber to do street hails ...soooooo i don't give two efff about taxi rules or passengers's was snowing in early morning...
  14. Dannyyellowcab

    Honest question sarcasm

    Why uber drivers drive so slow with pax.....I get why would you drive empty slow....yellow do the same.....but you they drive so slow with damn pax.... Is it to make more money....afraid for their cars or what???? SUV drivers are slowest lately..... We yellow try to drop pax asap and get another...
  15. Dannyyellowcab

    Private plates now doing street hails

    Yesterday saw black crown vic with private plate with 2 people in back....driver has sign taxi on dashboard ...the way things going now tlc throwing book at all rules and's not a bad idea ...I look into it
  16. Dannyyellowcab

    Getting real angry at uber drivers

    Before I used to tolerate uber drivers when I see their glowing uber sign I want to punch driver and slash tires ....reason ....loss of revenue ....not getting deserved rate hike...driving style
  17. Dannyyellowcab

    Well it finally happened to rear ended

    Got rear ended by those t71....cops showed up he tried to tell them that I stopped short .They told him to cut crap and tell truth ...also his pax before leaving told me that he was playing on phone.uber driver said it's was his second accident in two months .I will be suing his insurance...
  18. Dannyyellowcab

    Jersey dirt cheap rates

    Took uber from fort lee to Howard beach fare 33 dollars plus tolls....poor bastard ...smh lol... Ps ..I didn't tip either ...for some reason felt good .... He was driving BMW 5 with regular plates He said he makes 80k a year and this is just weekend gig Uber on
  19. Dannyyellowcab

    Rating pax is meaningless in NYC

    Rating of pax in meaningless when there are three cars for every pax . Ps NYC pax have lowest ratings in country because most of them are rude obnoxious cheap miserable pos.
  20. Dannyyellowcab

    Trump won presidency ....Republicans won both senate and house

    well here you go guys times ahead :)