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  1. TrexG

    Testing the waters.

    I thought you lived in burns beach? And used to drive a Magna in the beginning?
  2. TrexG

    GG Phildo

    Hmm ok...
  3. TrexG

    GG Phildo

    You were always Alex man. You’ve uploaded pics from Uber emails on this thread showing you were Alex...
  4. TrexG

    GG Phildo

    Why did you delete your previous post about your travels and 100 cars Alex?
  5. TrexG

    GG Phildo

    Phildo Any news on GG
  6. TrexG

    List every possible Uber Tax deduction. Go.

    Health insurance due to stress related conditions as uber doesn't pay for anything Health insurance for potential mental breakdown as uber pay is very bad. Funeral prepay as you're likely to get bashed to death by drunk pax
  7. TrexG

    Speeding Inconsiderate Driver

    Uber doesn't pay enough. He can't lose time
  8. TrexG

    What do you HATE most?

  9. TrexG

    Assaulted by rider and smashed my car

    As mentioned in previous threads I was involved twice in protecting myself from vicious attacks from pax. I successfully defused the situation by whatever means necessary and left the pax in lots of pain. It wasn't by any coincidence that I decided to carry a 40cm steel bar in my door...
  10. TrexG

    Filthy drivers everywhere

    Should have given them a helping hand
  11. TrexG

    show some pride

    I haven't read something that lame in such a long time. I feel sorry for your pax. Oh yeh and keep up the pride, let us know how much extra dollars you make because of it
  12. TrexG

    How to deal with 4 annoying passengers?

    Have some poo in a bag and open it when they are annoying. Make them all run away
  13. TrexG

    show some pride

    Sounds about right. I'm sure he is devastated by your lack of 5 star. Hope he sleeps tonight. Probably won't because he has to work 18 hour days to pay his bills since cheap ass passengers don't tip.
  14. TrexG

    Ramadan party

    Call kraft and ask? Maybe they'll change it for you. But the same way uber doesn't give a shit about you. Multinational food giants don't give half a shit about you too. And the government too.
  15. TrexG

    Ramadan party

    Doesn't change the fact that goods are exported to those countries even if the Muslim population is little. Point wasn't about how big the countries are individually. Together the export market is much larger than local.
  16. TrexG

    Ramadan party

    the only thing getting shoved down your throat is a big piece of meat - halal lamb and halal beef, because your very patriotic companies and abattoirs can't rely just on your sorry ass to make ends meet and pay the bills. That's where the money is. But dw I'm the one with the obscure...
  17. TrexG

    Ramadan party

    Lol! You think uber cares about a Ramadan party? It's a big advertising ploy like the rest of it. The same way you all got onboard and sold your souls and cars for but a few shillings. Do you eat fruit? Buy water? Have lamb? Beef? Chicken? Vegetables? It's funny seeing people whinge about...
  18. TrexG

    To lease Vs to buy, which is better?

    You're not a very busy bee if you're opening a new thread on this forum every 3 mins are you?
  19. TrexG

    UberSELECT is launching in Perth

    You're dreaming
  20. TrexG

    UberSELECT is launching in Perth

    Unless you're somehow writing this off in your taxes you my friend are very very bad in economics.