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  1. black_ panther05

    I guess I am getting some shit

    It's cool to get 1,080 a week just to be home, but that's the thing men I am getting fat as cat here, and I can't even go out of NY, there is no sport or nothing. This shit is crazy!
  2. black_ panther05

    I ain't getting shit

    So today I got my response for UI and PUA, and don't get it, they denied me. They don't specify why are we getting rejected. Does anyone have an idea? sorry I missed out on others post that might have the answer, but I don't understand, I had seen other drivers saying they got it. So why are...
  3. black_ panther05

    I feel they lying to us.

    Like 20 days ago I went to the hospital because i felt pain on my upper right side lung, they took me X-ray and some blood test, them they came back and said it my be my muscle because I lift weights, so I went home and started exercising and felt a little better, the pain went away for a while...
  4. black_ panther05

    Honestly it's embarrassing 🤦

    When the entire business world is willing put the people first before the profit, here we are fighting for this unethical companies to suspend pools and shared rides, wao this really make me understand why people think this is the shitties job in the world the bottom of the barrel, this...
  5. black_ panther05

    So Uber just deactivation

    Uber deactivated me today when I got home, supposedly they said that I have multiple complaints of riders, saying that I have bad behavior, I picked up a scumbag passenger with a whole bunch of luggage and helped him apparently he didn't like the fact that I said be careful when he was dumping...
  6. black_ panther05

    I am crying and laughing!! would you guys be out there?

    for a long time I wanted drivers to hurt these Lyft and uber by not working for a least 2 days, well I am crying because we are going to struggle as drivers, but I am laughing because Uber and Lyft also will be there with us for the first time. Or may be no, I bet ants would be out there looking...
  7. black_ panther05

    Something weird is happening with this apps

    Everytime I reject rides to often I end up getting a Asian person with an American name, I don't know if they are trying to send me a message, is anyone experiencing the same?
  8. black_ panther05

    Here is the reason what I say we need to get health insurance from this companies, you are obligated to take every ride with not discrimination, no race, no colors, etc. ( Wich is the right thing to do) but providing your drivers with health insurance isn't the right thing to do?
  9. black_ panther05

    I highly suspect this forum is full of Uber and Lyft employees.

    Folks are always trolling the people that speak for the drivers and supporting the ones are against this benefits, like those that said that the UR is the cause of the lock outs, also I see the same dudes supporting each other no matter the context. Ethier drivers are afraid to speak and act...
  10. black_ panther05

    Yellow cabs are the priority right now, Uber and Lyft are the enemies, it's going to take time for them to address for hire vehicles issues.
  11. black_ panther05

    I Know we hate each other but we have to do something!!

    I believe that California got what they got because they were more active protesting, here in NY we don't like each other (DrIvers), I know someone will come and say "find another job" guys some folks can't afford to quit right now, stop trying to say to other driver to quit, that's not going to...
  12. black_ panther05

    That's is a slap in the face to the drivers, they pay the drivers bullshit, and then they overcompensate engineers so they can control the drivers, way to make money.
  13. black_ panther05

    EIN number??

    Can someone explain all the benefits of the EIN number, I heard is the best way to file taxes.
  14. black_ panther05

    Lyft shortchanging me

    This @@@@ no even are acting reckless they refuse to abide by the rules now, my phone holder unfortunately squeezed the phone on the side and it turned off during this ride. But I turned it on right away. So Lyft only registered 20 miles and 37 minutes, and I drove 27 miles and like 47 minutes...
  15. black_ panther05

    Let's build Juno up!! yes Juno.

    We can cry or we can create a plan, I challenge all drivers that want to sign up an agreement with me we need a least a 1000 signs, let's go to Juno and see if we can make a deal with them, we will offer a 3 month contract in wich we can offer our services for a pay rate of 0.75 minutes and 1.50...
  16. black_ panther05

    Uber little tricks to get me out bed, are they hijacking my phone? Is it only me? ????

    In the morning when I first open the app there is a surge all over me 1.8x, when I use to be a rookie I use to jumped out of the bed, an quickly get ready, when I open the door of my car in the parking lot the surge goes down to 1.3x, when I turn the car on the surge leave the area, then I get...
  17. black_ panther05

    Lyft and the damn XL request.

    Why does Lyft think that I am going 4 minutes away to pick up a passengers at the supermarket that I will have to wait 4 minutes until he or she comes out, and then they look at you twisted like, won't you help me with the shopping bags? And then they are going 5 minutes away 0.7 miles. What...
  18. black_ panther05

    Can someone help me with a random question?

    Why is the rideshare drivers can carry any kind of weapon to protect themselves? But the country insist that having AR-15 is ok because in case of a hurricane or major disaster and there is no cops you are protected. As rideshare drivers we go through background checks, but our Pax are random...
  19. black_ panther05

    Uber want to treat us like slave, but I trust my fellows!!

    I personally think is very disrespectful the way uber make decisions like taking away destination filters, without carefully considering how could this impact drivers. To be honest in my case it almost everytime I couldn't use destination filter anyways they wouldn't let me, but it was good to...