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  1. Archie8616

    How to Actually Fight Back Against Uber Tracking Your Speed/Braking

    So what you need to do, is to go find their self driving car, and break check the heck out of it....then that self driving car will be deactivated for constantly breaking hard..while your cracking up laughing in the car in front of it. :D
  2. Archie8616

    City Council Votes To Impose Regulations On Uber, Lyft Drivers

    And this is why I'm trying my best to hurry up and pay my outstanding bills off, continue to pay my child support, continuing to go to school. So when and if Uber or Lyft decide to leave Denver, or if something else happens to them, I'll be in a better position to continue paying my bills. I...
  3. Archie8616

    I called 911.. had no choice..

    Yes, you totally did the right thing...I've done that very same thing. But I had a female passenger that passed out. Ya, totally not going to chance anything even touching the customer whatsoever, even though I have's not worth the risk of them trying to say you did something when...
  4. Archie8616

    Pool timeouts make the news...

    I'll say that a customer mentioned that if she wanted to share a ride with someone, then she would of taken the city bus, ;) lol I had to agree with her! lol
  5. Archie8616

    Pool timeouts make the news...

    Well, Uber just changed the way UberPool works. Now you no longer have a choice of accepting the UberPool request or not. Its now automatically added to your trip. Just got the notification of this yesterday. I guess drivers have been ignoring the ping sound, and just driving with the...
  6. Archie8616

    Uber Deactivation after being assaulted by Uber employee.

    THIS is why I have a fake fb account, a fake Instagram account, a fake wife, a fake gf, a fake snap chat account and a fake uber forums account and I live in a fake city with a fake house that has fake neighbors, that will give fake answers about anything that goes on in the neighborhood....UBER...
  7. Archie8616

    What to do in this situation?

    LMAO omg, this guy is spawning artists all over the world in doing the remix of this video! LMAO this one is good!
  8. Archie8616

    What to do in this situation?

    arrived at a pax location, they called me and said to be ready because they had to go to the ER and needed to get there quickly....I then said that its best if you call 911, and get an ambulance because you need medical assistance. I then called 911 myself, explained to the operator what was...
  9. Archie8616

    Kicked out of car - driver doesnt do pool (NYC)

    first of all....your a customer. Secondly, we are contractors. We can drop you of anywhere if we feel in the slightest way just about anything that comes to mind that hmmm, this passenger needs to exit my vehicle. It's our PERSONAL vehicle. If you don't like it, then don't use Uber. Easy...
  10. Archie8616

    Lyft Discontinuing Glostache for "Something More Exciting"

    I finished my 100 rides and requested the pink stash, but even then I still am not getting one before June 1st. Received an email stating that they had already discontinued the item, so instead there sending me the cuddle stash and that I'm on the list for the first to receive whatever it is...
  11. Archie8616

    How Austin residents are getting around in a post-Uber world

    I drove around in boulder, CO yesterday, picked up visiting Austin, TX residents. They too had to wait about an hour and a half for a ride. They had no choice. But they said they are now using their car more, and that they'll just wait to see who the next company will be to help fill in the void.
  12. Archie8616

    Ubers shock tracking your vehicle now

    The cams that I use in the car, are in no way connected to the internet, nor do they have any WiFi as well. They just record what's on the outside and inside cabin.
  13. Archie8616

    Ubers shock tracking your vehicle now

    lmao don't believe everything that you read....cams that are just straight video, with no connection to the internet, have no ability whatsoever to be turned on via a third party or even being hacked.
  14. Archie8616

    Ubers shock tracking your vehicle now

    I didn't even think about that, is that for Droid or Iphone?
  15. Archie8616

    Ubers shock tracking your vehicle now

    Copy/pasted from email from this morning.... New Feature: Phone Movement Notification Uber is continuously developing new ways to improve safety for you and your riders. Using smartphone technology, we can now identify when your phone maybe unmounted during an Uber trip. Starting today...
  16. Archie8616

    Uber Leaving Houston?

    Wow awesome! I'm in the Denver Market and if the city counsel wanted to do the same thing, I would have no problem in doing so. I do this part time, but having the ability to log in whenever I want, it's truly been a blessing. I now also drive for Lyft, so having that much more flexibility...
  17. Archie8616

    ADA Wars - Pax Service Animal vs My Allergies

    I like your posting....but just like any such legal questions, don't depend on what you search on google, or search on forums. When I was in the Military, there was a running joke about guys who gave legal advice...we called them "Barrack lawyers". I guess you could call folks who tend to give...
  18. Archie8616

    Uber Drivers Seek to Team Up with Teamsters

    ...Question, are you able to drive your taxi and just log in and start taking Uberx requests? I remember someone saying they requested an Uber, but the taxi showed up.
  19. Archie8616

    How many tips do you guys get

    Hi all, I have a friend that is going to sign up with Lyft....but it's going to be under the promotion code. They asked me a good question that I don't have the answer to. If they tip through the app, does that tip money come out of their first $50 dollars that is in credit, or is that charged...
  20. Archie8616

    Reviewing/protesting negative ratings??

    Not saying this works for everyone else, but this works for me. I get a request, I accept...Drive to location, notify and confirm that I'm there..I then hit the navigate button right away. I use Waze, so this way, I already know what direction I'm going in BEFORE the customer gets into the...