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  1. SafeT

    New Lawsuit

    In a typical class action the lawyers make millions and the people in the suit make peanuts. Usually a big waste of time. Something like this, maybe the lawyers would make millions and we all get a certificate for one free Uber ride. Hopefully we have some lawyers on here who can post more info...
  2. SafeT

    2 charged with murder in killing of Charlotte Uber driver

    If you see two guys who look like this... just keep going.. Really.
  3. SafeT

    Just received this email from Uber this morning......

    FUber is just saying they will charge the customer as much as possible and pay the driver as little as possible, and they will pocket the difference of the two fares. Thats why they sre called FUBER.
  4. SafeT

    New York Moves to Require Uber to Provide Tipping Option on Its App

    Fuber has to subsidise millenials to make the pyrimid scheme work. Not tipping is Fuber making drivers also subsidise the poor azz snowflakes. I just wonder if Fuber would then report the tips as income to the IRS if NY gets this.
  5. SafeT

    Riders Don't Know Ratings-- Tell them

    You forgot this one... 1 star... I have no self worth so I put up signs to beg for stars.
  6. SafeT

    Uber pledges to make drivers happier

    So driver saturation and Ubers on every corner means nothing to you huh. lol FUber screws you mostly two ways (1) complete saturation and (2) low low rates. Doesn't matter if they raise rates or even add tips if you still sit in your car 12 hours for just one ride.
  7. SafeT

    Uber pledges to make drivers happier

    FUBER Driver Saturation! plus low low rates equals sub-minimum wages. They will never change.
  8. SafeT

    Bye bye Jeff Jones

    I rate him 5 stars for being smart enough to quit Fuber.
  9. SafeT

    is anyone worried about changes to their health care?

    BuzzFeed and CNN = Fake News Russia Russia Russia blah blah fake news
  10. SafeT

    Uber's Kalanick argues with driver

    Once the IRS figure out the Fuber IRS scam they won't be able to do legal business. It is not sustainable if it is legal. You can't have a millions of drivers running around paying no taxes per mile and fuber not paying any either because they put it all on driver expenses.
  11. SafeT

    Uber's Kalanick argues with driver

    Uber lowers rates to unsustainable low costs and does tons of rides at a loss just to show bean counters they have millions more added to an unrealistic rider base who would disappear in a heart beat at real market prices. Going back to riding bicycles and begging their mom for a ride. Fuber...
  12. SafeT

    I got a party busted

    You were stupid to let minors in your car to start with.
  13. SafeT

    When their shifts end, Uber drivers set up camp in parking lots

    Crack heads, rapists, drunks, kidnappers, broke azzes living in their cars. FUber 2017
  14. SafeT

    Drove for the first time today(1/22/17)

    FUber loves new suckers.
  15. SafeT

    Uber to test cash payments in Colorado.

    Getting robbed and beaten by someone who can't even qualify for a credit card. Need money? Just request a dumb FUber driver. Your money arrives in less than 5 mins. Better than pizza delivery!
  16. SafeT

    Uber to test cash payments in Colorado.

    So gang bangers, prostitutes, criminals anybody that can't get a credit card can now get an Uber.
  17. SafeT

    Crack-addicted Uber driver arrested for string of gas station robberies

    Uber has to get every single US resident signed up to be a driver. Crack heads, prostitutes, gang bangers. Have to keep the pyramid scheme going.
  18. SafeT

    The game is over

    Welcome to America. You will make more money at McDonald's or Taco Bell and have no car expense. They also won't care that you can't read or write English.
  19. SafeT

    New to Uber

    Uber is worthless job now. You will do better at McDonald's or selling blood.