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  1. Tars Tarkas

    If you stopped driving, do you kind of miss it?

    I kind of miss the routine, and while I hate people, I miss picking them up and @@@@@ing about it.
  2. Tars Tarkas

    Is it hard to buy a car if your major source of income is Uber/Lyft?

    I'd rather buy than lease, but even with a decent down payment, is it hard to buy a car using Uber/Lyft as an income source?
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  4. Tars Tarkas

    Uber uniform

    The obligation to tip seems to depend on a certain social distance between the customer and the service provider. The bartender is not the guy down the bar. The waitress is not the girl at the next table. The bellhop is not a guest at the hotel. The barber is not your neighbor's wife. The cab...
  5. Tars Tarkas

    Now that lease payments via earnings is kaput, why no Instant Pay enabled?

    Jan. 29 came and went. Uber declared I must now pay the lease in various ways outside the Uber platform, yet I still cannot do Instant Pay (it used to be that I could not draw via Instant Pay because I had lease payments taken from earnings). Uber-is-a-technology-company problem?
  6. Tars Tarkas

    Why don't you get a normal job with set hours, benefits, paid time off?

    Just curious. Possible reasons: unemployable for various reasons, fiercely independent, really like Ubering. . .
  7. Tars Tarkas

    Why would you do this if it weren't so easy to get into?

    Is it fun? Does it pay well? Is the flexibility helpful?
  8. Tars Tarkas

    Ratings: Dirty car = higher ratings?

    My rating has soared from 4.76 to 4.79 over the past three weeks when I haven't cleaned the car inside or out. Got the North Spooge festooned outside and the spunk from pax's (paxes'?) shoes collecting on the rear floormat. Assortment of detritus on the rest of the carpet. Do paxes feel better...
  9. Tars Tarkas

    Snow tonight, 10 pm - 11 am

    Up to 1 inch.
  10. Tars Tarkas

    Nice coating of snow out there now. Slippery.

  11. Tars Tarkas

    How Old Are You?

    Just curious.
  12. Tars Tarkas

    Things that make driving almost fun

    1. Making $30/hour instead of $12. 2. Actually not giving a shit about ratings. 3. Having good luck. Today I almost shuffled a lady who was outside the Giant with a couple bags of groceries. I went wide around the perimeter and saw it was only two bags, so I zoomed in for a landing. She...
  13. Tars Tarkas

    I think this pax was creepy

    I tell the guy I don't have a charge cord, but he puts the phone face-up on the console anyway and sits back. I glance down and see his screen saver (or home page photo thing) is a naked black man's ass. wtf? To each his own. But why's the phone there at all? "Like I said, sorry I don't...
  14. Tars Tarkas

    Uber Christmas Bonus

    Cash, or liquor?
  15. Tars Tarkas

    At night, why do females get into Uber cars driven by men?

    Picked up female pax at well-lit suburban pad site bar. Ingrid, if you can believe it. She’s hugging her female friend goodbye as I pull up, and they split up, she to my car, her friend to her own car. Ingrid gets in and asks if we can drive around the corner to make sure her friend gets to...
  16. Tars Tarkas

    A Walkabout

    Tomorrow (Wednesday) and starting in Manassas at 5 AM, if I always take the next ping without thought, where will I end up (what location) after 14 hours?
  17. Tars Tarkas

    Uber Driver Training Manual

    Everyone says there ought to be training. What would you include?
  18. Tars Tarkas

    How do you do after a ride takes you out of Boost?

    You pick up in Boost zone and drop off pax far outside Boost zone. And it's 35 minutes to drive back to Boost, and then there'll only be 10-15 minutes left for that Boost block? Just pick up at base rate where you dropped off to save the 35 minutes you'd spend driving deadhead back to Boost...
  19. Tars Tarkas

    Weekly ratings trend

    Problem? Or too anal? Or just right?