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  1. Bro Olomide

    Tough week while working for uber

    That would be on the other side of Cottman, a little past the diner but well before Frankford, on the RHS if driving eastbound towards I-95.
  2. Bro Olomide

    proud moment for me tonight.

    That’s right... Show us pics of “the winning numbers”
  3. Bro Olomide

    proud moment for me tonight.

    Congrats on winning the Vomit Lottery. It’s probably the best paying play for drivers during slow these slow times.
  4. Bro Olomide

    Fellow Uber'ers : be ready for a new wave of drivers / Gov't shutdown !!

    Chances are, Uber will tweak its algorithm to prioritized drivers onboarded during the shutdown over existing drivers. Hey, they gotta keep the myth going that Uber is a nice way to make money while in between jobs. It’s existing drivers that will go for long stretches without pings, and...
  5. Bro Olomide

    Uber increasing driver referral fee

    For the past 5 months, mine has been $750 yet I’ve refrained from increasing the supply of ants.
  6. Bro Olomide

    Game over for this guy...

    Let me know when. Sunday early afternoon works for me.
  7. Bro Olomide

    Tired of $2 fares just canceling?

    Rider ratings are a placebo to make dumb easily replaceable drivers think they are getting back at shitty riders. Uber resets them to 5.00 to prevent other drivers from rejecting future ride requests from paxhole.
  8. Bro Olomide

    How can we be considered contractors...

    You all need to overcome the fear of deactivation and screen rides for profitability. Notice that jurisdictions where Uber’s TOS were adapted verbatim in the so called rideshare laws with regards to destination discrimination do not specify actual penalties (fine/jail time) for drivers who do...
  9. Bro Olomide

    Contractor vs Sub Contractor

    Yes. Several times. I’ve received notifications and boldly explained why I cancelled. I don’t bother replying and I still have access to the app. Just tonight I cancelled over 30 ride requests and I’ve a feeling that far more drivers than Uber can afford to deactivate without seriously ruining...
  10. Bro Olomide

    Contractor vs Sub Contractor

    I call ahead of time to determine if any of the above circumstances present and cancel upon finding out without wasting my gas money driving towards the rider. In addition to asking about destination, I request a screen shot of the rider app showing what they paid for the ride. (Especially...
  11. Bro Olomide

    This week was supposed to be good!

    This. Been doing it since summer. I call and screen rides based on destinations too. Can’t afford too many dead head miles. I suggest other drivers strike by screening rides based on payout, total drive distance etc. Upon arriving to pick up a rider, I ask to see actual rider app screen to see...
  12. Bro Olomide

    Easy money

    Damn Hans GrUber. The Ambler address is around the corner from me.
  13. Bro Olomide

    Which do you look at more? Per Hour or Per Trip

    touberornottouber So you’d be OK with making 50 dollars over a two hour period if you drove 90 miles to make that much? Such are the drivers Uber loves to send long distance pings that take you out into the sticks with no likelihood of getting return a return trip back to busy areas.
  14. Bro Olomide

    What's Next ?? Time to Strike!!

    Hans GrUber I live in Ambler. Thought you live out in the ‘yunk.
  15. Bro Olomide

    Choose your quest

    Wow... What a change from "RARARA new surge, I'm killing it" to this... Glad you've finally moved over to the dark side.
  16. Bro Olomide

    Best promo I've seen in a while

    They are offering me $750 for each referral. Been driving since Jan 2017. Haven’t contributed to the ant infestation by referring new drivers and will not do it for any amount.
  17. Bro Olomide

    Weird. No one here...

    In Philly you can Uber using a y2k car. For flying taxis you can go as far back as the Wright brothers, so Hans GrUber ’s fossilized crop duster is fine.
  18. Bro Olomide

    any trouble with ap on fridays pay

    Same thing happening to me.
  19. Bro Olomide


    Y’all missing the point.. Whoever is pitching this BS is beating on Uber drivers’ poor math skills and low IQ to make a quick buck. He figures if we are too stupid to realize that collectively, we hold all the cards since this “technology company” is nothing without drivers, yet we keep being...
  20. Bro Olomide

    Uber Drivers Take Riders the Long Way—at Uber’s Expense

    Wrong about the KY part. UBER doesn’t lube us prior to you know what.