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  1. Mz.SinCityDriver

    You awake ???

    I am sure there are many driving right now.. how's the early morning going?? I am about to leave and go find out ... coffee or energy drinKS anyone ;)
  2. Mz.SinCityDriver


    Hello all..QUICK QUESTION. . is anyone else experiencing intermittent cell phone service .. I have tmobile and a friend has metro pcs. On metro they both have no service and with tmobile my service will go in and out. So annoying . Is this happening to you also??? Have a great night and be safe...
  3. Mz.SinCityDriver

    Wed Oct 5th ...Let's Ride... Oh how do u get there ;)

    So.. vegas... I am slowly getting ready to get that's my famous line copyright in progress lol.. any ways .. does any kind helpful experienced driver or jus someone who knows the city interested in helping me to figure this grid maze out... of course it could be in a parking lot...
  4. Mz.SinCityDriver

    False allegations by rider!!!!

    I recently had my driver account temp disabled because a rider contacted trust and safety ! Telling the rep that I was UNDER THE INFLUENCE. . That was the message that I received 2 weeks ago. I immediately responded to the email expressing how shocked I was! I understand that the Rideshare...