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  1. NauticalWheeler

    Frustrating morning thus far

    Upon arrival, the countdown timer started at 15 minutes 😂 1593694259 Plus lots of requests like this... Lol, no thanks
  2. NauticalWheeler


    I saw a WEREWOLF drinking a piña colada at Trader Nick's...... his hair was perfect.
  3. NauticalWheeler

    The Dallas Cowboys are America's Team!!!

    See the Eagles player fumbling the ball in that last one. Ball slipped through like a wet turd... 1592238963 Charitable, we can all get behind this. Good on Zeke for this. 1592239114 It looks like the Redskins defender is trying to "me too" Dak Prescott. That's ok, when they go low, we go...
  4. NauticalWheeler

    Lyft bonus offer shows no progress tracker, normal?

  5. NauticalWheeler

    Police and helicopters all over West 7th

  6. NauticalWheeler

    20 Lyft rides today, 1 tipped

  7. NauticalWheeler

    You guys are welcome.

  8. NauticalWheeler

    Thinking about getting a real job.

    I have a BA, also 30 pro-bono hours shy of my JD, although I think that being an attorney is not in my future. Will be finishing the pro bono hours this summer so will, at least, have the JD completed. Open to anything, really. Suggestions? Dallas-Fort Worth market.
  9. NauticalWheeler

    Pax message Hall of Shame

    I'll start
  10. NauticalWheeler

    Been trying to induce a BM all day...

    Coffee...cigarettes...roughhousing with the dogs.... No go. Yesterday's Immodium must still have a hold on me. I can stop any time I want! I just don't want to is all! Anyway, enough stalling. Off to the gym and then hopefully tonight's driving in any way resembles pre-covid 19 friday nights.
  11. NauticalWheeler

    New Alchohol Delivery seems like more trouble than it's worth.

    Maybe the tips will be decent.... but it looks like Uber is really trying to push all liability onto us.... Hopefully respondiat superior theory isn't dashed by IC status. I don't think so, but what do I know. I ain't no motha @@@@ing dramshop. Thoughts? Holla at yo' boy.
  12. NauticalWheeler

    I bought a tall-boy today. Does that make me garbage?

    Dos Equis.
  13. NauticalWheeler

    I am not good at Warzone. Very not good.

    Are any of you people really good? Can I play on your team?
  14. NauticalWheeler

    Conflicting Restaurant Notes.

    It's starting to get a tad bit annoying to see an Eats pickup note saying something like "pick up inside store. Give bartender the name and order #...blah blah blah" only to find the door locked and a small sign saying "stay in your car, call the store and we will bring the order out" or other...
  15. NauticalWheeler

    Do you believe in life after love?

    I can feel something inside me say "I really don't think you're strong enough."
  16. NauticalWheeler

    This would be a good week to get my Equifax settlement money.

    Anyone hear anything about that, or have we all moved on?
  17. NauticalWheeler

    Cheap Beer in Ft. Worth

    Rahr is selling $5 6 packs/ $20 cases Just drive up and they will fetch it.
  18. NauticalWheeler

    Chevy Chase > Bill Murray

    Come at me, America.
  19. NauticalWheeler

    Lyft not adding new drivers in certain cities.