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  1. EnjoyEnJan

    Anyone make 400 last night driving with Lyft?

    There was no bonus for the week, thus I didn't do the full time driving.
  2. EnjoyEnJan

    Total expenses per hour

    I had a breakdown but too tired to find. Somewhere around $9 per hour is what I figured. Driving prius. your varying mileage? Someone get all excel-spreadsheety on me!
  3. EnjoyEnJan

    Another hidden pay consideration $100 today buys what $92.64 bought five years ago. Not only the OG's get less money per mile but dollars don't mean as much. They just don't make them like they used to. Granted, people might not be as high quality either. That's hard...
  4. EnjoyEnJan

    Anyone actually do 25 mph through the city?

    Do pax complain?
  5. EnjoyEnJan

    What has helped your back?

    I got 15k trips. My back is shot. Any advice from anyone? I actually miss driving
  6. EnjoyEnJan

    lyft app losing reception

    few rides away from bonus. im in the middle of sf. moved all over the place. frustrated restarted phone twice. bluetooth and location both on
  7. EnjoyEnJan

    When I worked for Uber...

    I felt like an old man was sleeping with me for money but didn't want to know my name. With Lyft, I feel like I get a kiss at least and more than a tip! Ready.. you go!
  8. EnjoyEnJan


    I've been extremely loyal to these people and they are pissing me off.
  9. EnjoyEnJan

    How do deductions work?

    Maybe Im missing something. Suppose I make 50,000 doing ridesharing and deduct 7,000 using standard deduction. If I was originally going to pay tax on the fifty thousand, let's say 10,000, do I now pay 3,000? Or do I subtract 7,000 from 50,000 and pay tax on the 43,000?