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  1. NITWITone

    What's the idea with highbeams on?

    Why are Uber and Lyft drivers driving with their HIGH BEAMS on at all times (night) driving down a well lit road, also there is a female Uber driver driving real slow on RT 50 in Virginia with Maryland plates with her High Beams on? Doesnt driver's know to turn them to low beams when a driver...
  2. NITWITone

    What's the deal with AU go on property and it unable to connect with server on pax app and rider app

    Went in there yesterday to pick up a pax wasnt able to start ride until I was outside the property
  3. NITWITone

    Where do we pick up and drop off at the Zoo?

    Dont we pick up at the front or either the back of the Zoo?
  4. NITWITone

    Had a live so far tonight

    Another uber driver cussed me out... was behind went around me to cut me off then stopped dead....Maryland plates trying to pick a fight....what a bozo
  5. NITWITone

    PAX requesting a driver

    Had a ping to picky up a pax only a block so I went it was cancelled after I accepted then 2 mins later same thing happened as I pulled up...noticed the pax talking to another uber driver and hearing the pax asking the driver of he was available and he said yes and to cancelled the other driver...