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  1. BadYota

    This week will be the end of Uber

    This will probably be the last week I will do Rideshare. From forums here it sounds like many people are not getting paid correctly after they do the math and add up all their trips and compare to the weekly totals. I’m wondering if I will even get paid from last week and I don’t want to worry...
  2. BadYota

    Uber Support is Worthless!

    So I get a ride to the airport and then decide to sit in the queue because it’s only 1-5 and I’m sure I’ll get a rematch and possibly a surge. then I start getting those annoying messages “confirming trip request incomig, drive to the pickup location” After rejecting about 6 of them I finally...
  3. BadYota

    Pax lied about service dog to a service dog owner

    I drive to the beach today and get a ping from a group of 3 people with their Doberman pincher puppy. Didn’t know it was them until they start to get in. I immediately ask “is that a service dog?” girl is like “um, yeah” So right off the bat we both know she’s lying, but I can’t really say no...
  4. BadYota

    Corona who? Puking pax and a $300 Friday

    I got a ping my last trip of the day a comfort trip right around closing times 2am at the bar with a $12 dollar surge. Picked up 2 dudes and the destination is way far out in the stock about 40 minutes away. Right as we turn the street his buddy says “I think I’m gonna puke.” My heads on a...
  5. BadYota

    Crazy Promotions

    Granted, this is about 11 rides a day for 4 days or 15 rides a day for the whole weekend. I’m gonna take advantage of it. I’m less afraid of the coronavirus and more about losing my job and income. This gig won’t last forever when the economy crashes, and then everybody will be driving. Ants galore!
  6. BadYota

    Uber Closing All GREENLIGHT HUBS!

    Uber you bunch of cowards!!! How are we supposed to get that cleaning supplies you just talked about yesterday?! So we the drivers are out here driving in the riskiest job there is right now while some office workers get to stay safe and no help drivers?! You might as well stop driving now...
  7. BadYota


    Highlights, Free cleaning supplies for affected cities financial assistance for those who get sick and can’t drive no penalty for declining rides. Acceptance rate won’t affect Uber pro status I’m already keeping hand sanitizer in my backseats. I haven’t driven since Sunday, but I can tell...
  8. BadYota

    Your GPS is wrong

    Never fails. I pick up a young woman who already reeks of weed from some apartments. After a 20 minutes trip downtown, we get to the address in Uber. She then tells me that it’s not the right address. I tell her that it’s the one in Uber and she says no, your GPS is wrong and it brought us to...
  9. BadYota

    Destination Long Trip

    Does anybody have any luck using their 2 destination filters for really long trips around the state? Like if you wake up early Friday or Saturday and put the destination as Orlando or Miami would you get a bite or just end up in St Augustine? got this great ride from the airport yesterday to St...
  10. BadYota

    Uber’s Coronavirus Message

    Anybody else get this message? Are they saying we can actively refuse rides to sick pax?! Wow!!!
  11. BadYota

    Gold at 8 year high!

    Gold is on a tear that we haven’t seen in years. It’s not just the coronavirus, although that has disrupted markets and supply chains around the world. All the major economies are over leveraged and in serious debt. Gold is finally catching up the inflation average that the banks have tried so...
  12. BadYota

    What’s your “Short description?”

    What does everybody have as their short description? Mine is “Your friendly neighborhood Uberman”
  13. BadYota

    I’ve had enough of Fake Pax Profiles

    I’m sick of getting riders who have fake names as their account! I know there are some Uber shills on here that will take any ride they can get and say it’s none of your business, that’s between Uber and them; but that’s a load of BS! Would you allow somebody into your house who wouldn’t even...
  14. BadYota

    Manipulative Surge Rates

    A couple days ago I started running two phones with the Uber app open in both so that I could see the surge area and plan my next trip accordingly. So I get a request about 15 minutes away, it’s a slow day but then it starts to rain. As I get closer, I notice a $7.50 surge pop up on the map...
  15. BadYota

    “Generated” ride passenger line scam?!

    Got a ping from about 2 minutes away and the trip was about 1 mile. Immediately my phone begins blowing up with messages from the “pax” that’s say the following fortunately I read these forums a lot and was wary of this. But I decide to play around before I cancel at the waiting point so I...
  16. BadYota

    Entitled women!!!

    I got a ping from the lady yesterday, and I get a message saying “pull in the driveway and text me when you arrive.” My first thought was, this better be a comfort request. Nope, just an entitled UberX. So I get there and the name says “MS.” I can’t even verify her name but she gets in and...
  17. BadYota

    Pax asked me to be their valentine?!

    So I pick up a group of 3 girls and they are all texting any guy they can find to bang on V day night. One gets a no from their boo then asks me. So, anybody else get asked tonight? I’m sure I’ll get more as the alcohol sets in and the night wears on. The money is actually really good tonight...
  18. BadYota

    Who’s your valentine?

    Who’s your UberPeople valentine? I’ve seen a couple people on here go crazy for some of the mods!
  19. BadYota

    Who won the Uber pro Vacation?!

    Alright which one of you is going on vacation?! I know it’s not me. But if they don’t publish who wins I’m assuming that nobody did!
  20. BadYota

    Uber disrespecting me with these low rated pax

    Yesterday I picked up a 4.45! I didn’t even think it went that low. That’s the lowest rated pax I ever had. It’s all because I’ve had a string of revenge 1 stars that have now dropped me below a 4.90 to 4.89. Most of my pax are now below 4.8. Now it’s got me wondering, do most people just give...