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  1. evad77

    Easy Money At The RailRoad Crossing

    Dropped pax at work get pool request, pull out of parking lot where I dropped to head to pickup, freight train coming, gates down, it’s in industrial area and can’t turn around, two more pickups added,then the texts start, I’m running late, are you coming, blah blah. Rider 2 cancel, rider 1...
  2. evad77

    Terminal 1 Crater sized Pothole

    Careful ladies and gentlemen and Kurt going into terminal 1pickup zone there’s a large hole at the bottom of the ramp going in.
  3. evad77


    I have 4 kids and 2 grandkids and I would never transport any of them without proper seats. I got a ping to a pickup, mother and toddler with no car seat, I explained that it’s against the law to take you and that you can cancel, she said no you cancel, I said I will when the timer counts out...
  4. evad77

    Entitled Paxholes In Winter

    Getting sick and tired of working in the nasty weather and picking up entitled paxholes who don’t know how to place the pin then give a one star and a comment for conversation or level of service. By all means if I do something wrong and don’t get you safely from a to b and in this weather give...
  5. evad77

    Ants everywhere!

    It’s 3am on a Wednesday morning and it seems every car out here is either beck taxi or Uber ant.
  6. evad77


    Mississauga bylaw is conducting at international centre as of 1025am
  7. evad77

    Terminal 3 - Stopping Violations Being Handed Out Today

    Careful minions as most of you don't know the right lane into the departure level is a no stopping zone before the crosswalk,they were ticketing this morning,$150 I believe if they get you,and if you stop one comes to write the ticket,another stands in front of your car until the ticket is...
  8. evad77

    A Drivers License is a PRIVILEGE - Learn how to Drive

    An interesting morning out there today,the cops have been out lately as they finally should be ticketing cars who drive in the right lane on bay street.I saw two uber/lyft drivers pulled over getting tickets,remember you're a PRIVATE car,not a taxi,bus or service vehicle so stay out of the...
  9. evad77

    Police Blitz

    Careful out there this week, cops are cracking down on speeders in Toronto this week, especially school zones. Be careful and drive safe and slow. If a paxhole asks you to go faster pull over and end the ride and tell them to have a nice day.
  10. evad77


    So I’m in Burlington and set my destination to Brampton hospital as per usual on uber and lyft. Get my second ever ping on lyft using destination,pull up to Burlington go station and get my pax, start trip and he’s going to beamsville which is on the way to Brampton haha, I must have been only...
  11. evad77

    Cancel fee

    So I got a ping and waited 5 min and collected my fee and left, get another ping same rider now at the proper address. Pick him up , fairly long trip to Richmond hill, during the ride I said with a straight face that I’ll have the cancel fee reversed( same idea as I’ll tip you in the app) I kept...
  12. evad77

    Rider scam

    I dropped off in Caledon village last night and got ping in Orangeville with long trip notice, won’t normally chase 21 min ping but did. Rider named Willem at the Orangeville prep basketball academy going to 210 simcoe. With the nasty weather last night the trip along hwy 9, 400, 401 to Yonge...
  13. evad77

    Jumped the airport queue

    I’ve seen on the u.s. boards that this happens at some of their airports but I hadn’t seen it here til last night. I started my shift at 630 last night and was going to go to the airport queue which was full on uber and had 77 on lyft but I got a ping at the Fairfield inn so I took it, the gent...
  14. evad77

    Minus 15 windchill

    Minus 15 with the windchill and not a creature is stirring, not even the hood rats
  15. evad77


    Happy Diwali to all those celebrating tonight .
  16. evad77

    Open containers of alcohol

    I had three incidents last night. If I catch it before the ride Angelique you are asked to discard it before the trip. If I catch it during the trip Katie you and your friends all become pedestrians. If I catch it after your $5 ride Spencer I become a prrrick and take pictures of the leftover...
  17. evad77

    Poo trip

    Got poo request at econo lodge on Jarvis, start trip,going to Pearson Paxhole- aren’t you going to highway? Me- nay nay you selected pool it’s my preferred route and there’s nobody waiting on the highway but there was another airport poo at the Marriott on Bloor then one on Palmerston and one...
  18. evad77

    Removed from my car

    Waited an hour and a half for the cops to remove a lyft pax from my car who was swearing at me and calling me names, kept the ride going and was on the phone with lyft and told them what was going on, got $21 for the non ride then turned off lyft turned uber back on got two $6 shorties then a...
  19. evad77


    To uber driver Gurdeep1 (saw the beacon) please learn the rules of the road, at 320am you can make a left turn from queensway onto roncesvalles, you don’t have to be an idiot like a beck taxi driver and make a left turn from the right hand ramp to king street. You give the good drivers out here...
  20. evad77


    Watch you screen tonight ladies and gents, I’ve accepted two uber x calls that turned out to be pool calls instead. One call I got uber to change to x call but not the second although I’ll keep at it with support