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  1. SamuelB

    Pay rates in PS area

    What are the pay rates in the PS area? Miles Time Cancel Minimum fare thanks
  2. SamuelB

    Anyone bought through them. I have an appt tomorrow for a 2016 Prius V. I'm about $2000 short so I had to finance the minimum amount of $4000. I was approved through Capital One but I am nervous because I heard they won't finance Uber drivers. I uploaded my tax summary and other 1099x...
  3. SamuelB

    Rider app says 37 min eta with ants everywhere

    I looked on the rider app to see how much an Uber ride would be. I looked at 5:40 and the app gave me an eta of 6:17. There were plenty of ants around. So what's up with that?
  4. SamuelB

    Don’t worry...Your Laker base fares are coming

    Just stay online and wait
  5. SamuelB

    Trying to figure out fees I paid Uber

    I am trying to get organized for taxes. I have all my Uber stuff in spreadsheets. I have every ride entered and it balances out with my weekly pay statements. I understand I will not be getting a 1099-K and I am unable to make heads or tails of Uber's tax summaries. For one thing, when I total...
  6. SamuelB

    Why does Uber get 75%

    Can someone explain this to me?
  7. SamuelB

    Uber made him do it.....

    If only he said it was the lack of tips that drove him to it....we could post it in our cars for pax to read during their ride....... Uber driver pleads guilty to shooting eight people between rides...
  8. SamuelB

    Switching market from OC to LA

    Has anyone switched from OC to LA market. Do you really end up offline for 2-3 weeks?
  9. SamuelB

    SurgeChaser Data.....

    I was finally able to get the data to get emailed to me. Curious how people are using the data. Trying to figure out the best way to analyze. Graphs? Trying to figure out patterns...days of the week. Time of day. I guess pretty basic. Just wondering if I am missing a way to look at it.
  10. SamuelB

    Driving on the 405 at 12:11 am.......

    Why is there 16-20 in the queue?
  11. SamuelB

    Is Century Quicker?

  12. SamuelB

    Does Uber retain texts with pax?

    If there is any issue with a fare are they able to refer to texts that occurred. I had a fare removed ($8 - I'll starve) for wrong rider with the standard admonishment to verify riders identity. I responded that the name on the account was Paul. On my way to the pickup "Paul" texted me to say...
  13. SamuelB

    Surge Chaser- History reports and download sata

    Just installed Surge Chaser. Can’t figure out how to get the history. No option on the menu. Plus I was reading on another posts that you are supposed to be able to download the data to import into excel. I even purchased an additional month but that didn’t open anything. Any help appreciated.
  14. SamuelB

    LAX...How many can you decline before kicked out of queue?

    The other night LAX had been surging up to 2.4. I had a drop off so I decided to wait. Got in the queue relatively quickly. The surge was just starting to climb again and hadn't hit the terminals yet. I got a base ping, declined it, and was knocked out of the queue. It was the only one I had...
  15. SamuelB

    Waymo One, the first commercial robotaxi service, is now picking up passengers in Arizona

    By RUSS MITCHELL DEC 05, 2018 | 5:00 AM A Waymo robocar in Tempe, Ariz. (Kris Tripplaar / TNS) Robot cars are now officially a real business. Waymo on Wednesday launched a commercial robot ride-hailing service in Arizona called Waymo One. Like Uber or Lyft, customers will summon a ride...
  16. SamuelB

    Highly rated drivers follow.......

    I think I found the guy that writes these things.....
  17. SamuelB

    Anyone know what this Uber sign is for?

    Outside the Mall on SM Blvd in BH
  18. SamuelB

    Sorry, destinations are not available right now

    What is up with this? How does a DF disrupt the reliability of the service? Also, When I look at the map that shows when I was trying to set a DF it showed surges. I got the error and went back to the regular map and there were no surges. Tried the DF again, surges. Canceled, no surges.
  19. SamuelB

    Poor Penny Pax at LAX......

    She was being interviewed by Channel 2 saying that she had several Uber Pool drivers cancel on her. She couldn't understand why. Some Pax said they had to wait a whole 20 minutes for their driver to show up. Film at 11