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    Uber has ruined my life

    So today I met a real nice girl :), we had a few drinks and then I accidentally mentioned I was an Uber driver. Wouldn't you guess it, I spent the rest of the night driving other people home :( Uber really has ruined my life
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    Does anyone

    Does anyone read Uberpeople message board while they’re driving customers ?
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    Are we setup for failure? Rarely does anyone anymore give a good rating. BUT when they're mad or just want to get something for nothing, they run to downrate you. The ratings system is rigged against us as there should be tons of Thumbs Up ratings to offset the few Thumbs Down, but in reality...
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    Uber Eats blacklist

    who wants to run a list of restaurants that play games with us drivers ? we can all post our bad experiences here are serve as a warning to other drivers, if restaurants and their workers want to treat us like dirt we can stand to together in protest and make them hurt. i'll get the board...
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    monster Lyft surges

    whats up with Lyft showing crazy primetime rates late at night downtown? last couple Saturday nights after midnight primetime is at 400-600% for hours, while Uber surge barely hits 3x for more than even a few minutes, and you never get a ping for those numbers anyhow. right now, Sunday eve...
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    my bosses phone # ROLMFAO

    so i get a call this afternoon some lady saying her friend used her phone to take a ride with me and left a hoodie in my backseat. nope nothing in my car but me, i always check after rides for cups junk dirt barf etc... i tell her i don't have anything and she goes ballistic yelling at me. for...
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    Uber eats and tips

    Does anyone do Uber eats? it seems that less than 50% of people have the decency to tip, which is now forcing me to only accept deliveries with a minimum of 2x. i gotta protect my bottom line and not be played for everyones fool. anyone think we can start a message board and share...
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    warehouse districts & flats

    i just got back to driving after a long hiatus. what going on with the hyoooge poopo presence on w6 w9 main front. i got a ping for w9 and when i saw all the pigs sitting around there i figured it was a sting operation or something to fill the greedy city coffers at the expense of over...
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    ride CLE to AKRON

    Hi, Is anyone interested in doing a private ride from University Hts. to Akron airport Friday morning (June 30). Google maps show its 46 miles. I'm happier to give the driver the full money instead of the Uber shill regime skimming 25%.