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  1. merkurfan

    Txt phone number for Uber notifications plz

    2 years ago I stopped driving for Uber (amazing it's been that long) I now need to get back in to it. The text messages about demand and promos was annoying so I sent the "stop" message. Now I can't get past the 2 step. Support is demanding details about my last 2 rides or they won't help me...
  2. merkurfan

    Uber sued for fraudulent "Upfront" pricing scheme.

    Almost... They know what the pay will be for the whole job. unless it's a curb hail... With goober, you don't know much much till you get to the destination.
  3. merkurfan

    Uber Settles FTC lawsuit Claiming it Misled Drivers About Pay

    They don't have to be vague. They can be honest. Neither will work as well as lying.
  4. merkurfan

    Uber Settles FTC lawsuit Claiming it Misled Drivers About Pay

    My market only 10% made 18 an hour.. I tapped out when the best I could wrangle was 15... Heck McDonald's is paying that now aren't they?
  5. merkurfan

    Uber Settles FTC lawsuit Claiming it Misled Drivers About Pay

    where or where will we spend our 50 cents?
  6. merkurfan

    Refused to drive police officer because he had a gun.

    actually didn't they prove the colorado shooter picked the theater he did because it was gun free? To the anti-gun nuts that think more guns means more dead kids.. my kid is a better shot than me and knows how to handle a firearm (horn honking moment, he earned sharpshooter in scouts and...
  7. merkurfan

    Refused to drive police officer because he had a gun.

    but they sit in the back.. like you did right?
  8. merkurfan

    Got 2 fine in Mississauga for Ubering. What to do?

    I thought Uber had your back for these types of things
  9. merkurfan

    Your girlfriend doesn't want her friends to know you are an UBER driver. What do you say?

    get a better paying job then sweetie..
  10. merkurfan

    What kind of car do you have?

    They were offering 72 months 0% on the sonic and spark... Not that a car would last that long ubering, but that's around 100 a month.
  11. merkurfan

    What kind of car do you have?

    Gotta love goober... They finally forced me to bring my Golf in for an "inspection"... It's a 05 and in this market it MUST have less than 150K on it. I had hoped I could talk the tech into fudging the numbers on the miles but nope.. anyways it passed, they even said "it's the best kept uber car...
  12. merkurfan

    I've got 200,000 miles on my car.

    uber don't care about MPG
  13. merkurfan

    Does Uber have a office where you can call and talk to someone the phone ?

    Amazon Flex is the same way.. however. they don't reply to emails. So you got that going for ya with Uber.
  14. merkurfan

    Will my 2006 car qualify next year??

    Currently my market goes back to 04.. but they are picky on miles (under 150K for 04/05) but.. an 06? well.. it can have half a million miles on it. its just fine... Uber is very hard to understand. Once you do, like a women. They change their mind.
  15. merkurfan

    Checker design returning

    so worthless for much of anything.
  16. merkurfan

    How to calculate taxable income for the year...?

    With the big bucks uber pays I hope you filed your quarterlies! oh who am I kidding, if you do your taxes right you will show a loss.
  17. merkurfan

    Has anyone seen a low pax rating (under 4)???

    and apparently her size..
  18. merkurfan

    First day of Amazon Flex

    spotless criminal record, 10 years clean driving. Amazon turned me down for flex with no reason given. Their loss I guess.
  19. merkurfan

    Jump Start Cars?

    I'm not going through the whole thread, so if this has been covered.. sorry.. I carry a Jump N Carry 660 in all of my cars, I do mainly repairable/wrecks in my business so I jump a TON of cars, including cars with no batteries and diesel trucks with dead batteries. I have never NOT had a JnC...