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  1. Tim L

    Weird incident

    I agree. I don't know why a state Trooper would be messing with rideshare drivers.
  2. Tim L

    Weird incident

    I was doing both Uber and Lyft this morning. As I was wrapping things up I got my first Lyft ping. I arrive at a completely empty strip mall save for one State Trooper. It's 8:30 AM and every store is closed in this strip mall. I start feeling uneasy. Is the Lyft request from the Trooper? Who...
  3. Tim L

    7.9x surge!

    4.5x was nice!:)
  4. Tim L

    the new app version keeps tracking location even if signed out?

    Just to clarify: Old behavior Uber tracked your location only when "online" New behavior uber tracks your location as soon as you open the partner app and until you close it, I.e. Force quit it. On the iPhone this is done by double clicking home button and swiping up to close the app. I wonder...
  5. Tim L

    Roll or Wait?

    JimS is that a Saturn ION in your avatar pic? Is that what you drive?
  6. Tim L

    Wreck, Grrrrr!!

    Well I'm getting $5700 plus sales tax to replace the Saturn. I'll scrape together some savings and maybe a small car payment to see what I can get for $8-10,000.
  7. Tim L

    Raising my ratings

    My overall rating is a 4.79. I'm ok with it. I've had a few rides with awkward silence because I can't think of any topic to bring up. I think like others here that people want you to know where you are going and want you to be nice. Lots of good advice here.
  8. Tim L

    A good Uber car for 5k or less

    I had my uber ride totaled. I'm now trying to replace a 2006 Saturn Ion 2 with only 50k miles on it that ran great. Any advice on what to look for for less than 5k and where to look?
  9. Tim L

    Wreck, Grrrrr!!

    2006 Saturn Ion 2. w/ 50k miles. I'll be lucky to get even $4000 for it it looks like according to Kelly Blue Book Value. But I knew its history there is some intangible value there that I'm going to lose. Buying a used car for $4-5000 seems like a risky business. Esp. one that runs a swell as...
  10. Tim L

    Wreck, Grrrrr!!

    Well the car has been totaled. This sucks. It was a good car. Well on the bright side now I can't drive it out into the ground with Uber. ;) Time to start another thread, "What's a good car to Uber with for $5000"?
  11. Tim L

    what it costs to drive

    Profits? ;)
  12. Tim L

    Wreck, Grrrrr!!

    Looks like I'm sidelined for a while while I work with the at-fault party's slow a** insurance company. Hopefully they don't try to say my car is totaled. I really liked übering with it.
  13. Tim L

    Smaller areas

    Lyft is at the other extreme, they have tiny surge areas. But they hardly ever light up.
  14. Tim L

    Smaller areas

    Yes. Some of them are ridiculous. You may be in a surge area but you still need to know where the hit spots are. The temple terrace surge area is huge. Usually it's just the hard rock casino.
  15. Tim L


    I only got one. :(
  16. Tim L

    Small SUV DRIVERS yourself a favor

    Well, you spelled the word "grammar" right!
  17. Tim L

    MacDill AFB

    Is true for drop offs at least. I did it the other day. Pax had military ID. Security did not care about me, I drove him onto his final destination on the base. Pick ups are a whole nother thing I guess.
  18. Tim L

    Wreck, Grrrrr!!

    Lol, thx. I may be using uber a lot over the next few days!
  19. Tim L

    Wreck, Grrrrr!!

    Got in a wreck on my way to pick up a pax. So frustrating! Luckily no one was injured. But I'm going to have some downtime. Was headed east on Fletcher on a clear left lane approaching green light. Traffic backed up in right lane. Someone decided to pull out of a convenience store without...
  20. Tim L

    Select in Tampa

    Downtown only.