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  1. aspacepig

    Schadenfreude Inside - Watch as Uber Hub staff get Clooneyed.
  2. aspacepig

    Stimulus Check

    So, I haven't yet received 1200 from the IRS. I've been trying that damned Stimulus Check Status tool only to be told nothing. And if you usually pay your 1099 in April and not quarterly like you're supposed to, and the IRS doesnt send you a refund, and you pay them, this information might be...
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    Financial Assistance Update

    1. Stimulus Check Not received. Get a message saying "Payment Status not available" when I try this tool. 2. Unemployment Benefits Not getting anything as yes. Updated system supposed to go online 4/18. 3. SBA Grant Got an email saying they'll be...
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    Stop Working?

    Does it make sense to not drive as it looks like we'll be illegible for Unemployment benefits.
  5. aspacepig

    Restricting New Drivers after Covid

    We need to start lobbying for a restriction in the number of new sign ups allowed by Lyft and Uber when this is over. There will be 1000s of new people wanting to flood the market, while we, who have had no recourse to either unemployment or business breaks, will be further impacted...
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    Bus Lane Bingo Coming soon.
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    Injury Protection Insurance on Uber

    What a bunch of scammers. 4 cents a mile? You've got to be joking.
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    Good news

    Today I became a fully-fledged permanent resident. Thanks all for getting me through some tough times.
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    Nicest Pax

    Though we're getting screwed royally on the tip front by scummy pax looking to cut a few corners during the holidays, there are some decent folk out there, almost enough to make it all ok. Yesterday, pax calls me right after I accepted the ping. She's at Starbucks and wants to know what she can...
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    UPS Own Car

    UPS is looking for car owners to drive for the Xmas season. 30 an hour plus .53 a mile. 1575229020
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    Saw this on Craigslist.
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    Biggest one yet for me. Comfort from Dash Point SP of all Ballard. But guy says he has to cancel cause he got his Mini started. #$%&@&@%@&*
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    RWC Final

    Where to watch the mighty Springboks take on the English?
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    Is going to see The Who tonight?
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    Vehicle Storage

    So, I'm thinking of a little trip down to San Diego on the Coastal Starlight, and will need to park my car for a week to 10 days. Anyone know of a reputable (no rodents!) storage facility?
  16. aspacepig

    Uber playing dirty today

    Pings raining in but no surge. Getting signed out all the time. Sitting in surge and no pings. Pings far away when surge attached and then losing it.
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    Good Morning

    From the 98116
  18. aspacepig

    LUBER: Respect our Goddamned DFs

    If I'm stuck in Stinkoma, with the DF pointed north, not going sideways across the I-5 to shitbird nowhereville. And I'm certainly not going from Veterans in Kent to the Walmart in Kent and back again! @@@@!!!
  19. aspacepig

    Yes, I @@@@ing Understand already!

    Uber getting into the virtue signaling game.
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