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  1. M3uber

    Set Dest is a shocker

    I have noticed SD function this year to be too loose, like overshooting your destination by too much. Here are 3 examples recently: 1) Dest Chatswood, ping at Dee Why to Sussex St city 2) Dest Neutral bay, ping at Mosman to Potts Point 3) Dest Willoughby, ping at Waitara to Surry Hills Beresford...
  2. M3uber

    Central Coast SD

    I am taking my car to Central Coast tmrw morning for my 4-week hail repair. Leaving my home Lower North Shore at 6:30am and SD Tuggerah. What are my chances of scoring a 35+ min trip? PS. I have never done a morning shift before 10am.
  3. M3uber

    No shirt pax

    Curious to see what others do...
  4. M3uber

    I can’t wait for the copy & paste response...

  5. M3uber

    Don’t risk the hail coming!

    Go offline and get undercover now. I have hail damage from Dec and will be without my car for 4 weeks bcos of it.
  6. M3uber

    Rider report for no convo

    So i copped a report for (lack of) conversation. I only speak when spoken to and never ask personal questions so this report is definitely about my silence during trip. What a world we live in...
  7. M3uber

    Rangers in Lime St Barangaroo

    Saw 3 of them tonight at 6pm on the lookout for illegal stops. Don’t risk it. Call pax to come to Shelley St pick up spot.
  8. M3uber

    NSW Fitness to Drive Medical Assessment

    Hi All, I just received a letter from the NSW RMS advising me that I need to complete a medical assessment in order to maintain my driver’s licence. My licence doesn’t expire until 2020, but assessment must be done by June 2018. Is this a new thing that everyone got since we have a DAC? FYI...
  9. M3uber

    March 2018 Summary missing

    Trying to do my BAS for last quarter but March summary not available yet. Who else? Sorry just saw the other thread of same issue.
  10. M3uber

    $50 tip to lie to his wife

    I rock up to Greengate hotel Killara to pick up a male pax. Pax: “Mate can you deliver these house keys to the address i gave you, my wife is locked out of our house. Here’s $50 for doing it.” Me: “Ahh ok, sure” (thinking to myself this is extremely generous for a simple delivery, but accept...
  11. M3uber

    Ride share accident: 1 pax dead
  12. M3uber

    Pax can rate on cxl'd trip?

    Just picked up a pax at domestic who had a driver cancel on her en route (presumably bcos traffic was horrendous on Airport-Qantas Drive, not bcos of her 4.94 rating.) She said she could rate the driver! I told her to check how much she got charged in case the driver started and ended trip, but...
  13. M3uber

    Seatbelts and Insurance

    What would happen in these scenarios? Please comment from your knowledge rather than speculation. A) Pax in your car not seatbelted, driver aware of this, keeps mouth shut. Car gets into an accident (driver’s fault) and injuries sustained to pax would have been avoided or reduced if they were...
  14. M3uber

    1* to pax does not preclude future pairing

    So there’s been some speculation among drivers that if you give a rider a 1 star Uber will not pair you up with them again. Well I had the same rider yesterday I remembered I had one-starred him about 4 months ago. (He had opened a can of beer without asking and spilt some on my seat.) He was...
  15. M3uber

    I felt like Jamie Foxx in Collateral

    So I pick up a young couple from Fairlight beach at 3pm today, destination Hyde Park. They say start heading that way, it may change... so off I go. They bicker about a few things, I try not to get involved, but I hear everything. By the time we hit Cremorne, I have worked out that the girl has...
  16. M3uber

    4.9+ drivers not as rare as I thought

    I used to think drivers rated over 4.9 were only a very small %, until I went thru my rider account and tallied up all the 44 drivers I’ve had in the last 2 years. Here’s what I found... 15 were 4.9 and above, 16 were between 4.8-4.89, 10 were between 4.7-4.79, 2 were between 4.6-4.69, 1 was...
  17. M3uber

    Toll overcharged pax?

    I've done several trips where I've gone from south of Zetland to exit at CCT at Darling Harbour or towards Anzac bridge, entering the ED Northbound, taking first exit left towards Kings X/Western Suburbs, and the pax is charged $19.91 for tolls. Is this overcharging the toll by $7.16?
  18. M3uber

    35min+ ping for SD

    Has anyone received a 35+min heads up for a Set Destination trip? Like is it possible? (I've never had it)
  19. M3uber

    Suggestion for Uber; 3 or less pax booking.

    This has been on my mind for a while and I will put in a suggestion to Uber depending on the feedback/thoughts on this forum: Just like Select opens up a new category of product, I think Uber should open up a new filter where drivers choose to only accept 3 or less pax. The pax has to specify...
  20. M3uber

    Sneaky airport pick up

    Got a ping at Domestic green pick up at 1.8x surge last night 1030ish. Pax texts me to pick her at T2 departures. Was reluctant but went for it. Is that a strict no-no that can cop a fine from airport staff? As I drove off I saw an airport staff talk into his radio and eyeing my car... Pax...