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    Making cancellations fairer

    Also the second point about cancelling immediately after contacting pax is odd. I get they are trying to catch drivers who call riders to ask about their destination but I am sure a lot of drivers including me call riders if they haven't showed up after 3 or 4 minutes and then cancel after 5...
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    Making cancellations fairer

    My cancellation rate is usually under 10% but last weekend it was fairly high mainly because I mistakenly kept accepting Uber pool trips and also because couple of times I received a long trip request on ola after i had accepted an uber job (it was a no-brainer to cancel the uber job) I know...
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    Nearly lost my license.

    Its only double demerits, not double fine. Also double demerits only apply for seat belts, speeding and using a phone.
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    Nearly lost my license.

    Couple of days ago, I had this two blonde mums with 3 kids, all under 7 and one of them was an infant who looked just a year old. When they went to open the door, i said sorry i cant take you as didnt have child seats and it would be illegal for me to do so. She looked shocked that i was turning...
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    Nearly lost my license.

    The amount of time pax at the back dont put on seatbelts is amazing. I would say its more like 30-40% of the times. I guess its higher as i mainly do weekend night shifts. These holidays whenever i saw an RBT coming up, i would remind passengers to confirm they had seat belts on and pretty much...
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    Hmm.. Something has gone wrong

    Go to your application manager. Find the uber app and delete the Data and cache. Should fix it. Other option is to reinstall the app
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    Back Lane Bug

    Thats not true! The issue is not limited to pickup only. That logic would make sense for the pick up address bug, So why would it happen when pax types in the destination address. Why would it still take the driver to the back lane for the destination. Do you think the pax is dropping the pin to...
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    How was weekend work?

    It is not the closest car that gets the my 800 rides..i have had a few instances of picking up a group of passengers...where the account holder gets off first and the remaining passenger wants to continue the journey on his account. So I would have to complete the first trip, let him...
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    'Summary and Trips' has disappeared?

    There used to be a summary and trips section, which was the landing page on the online partners dashboard. It has disappeared for more than a week. I used to check it quite often, while driving as well because it would update the fare instantly unlike the app. It also used to show your total...
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    Surge proof - dishonest Uber

    More than couple of times I have had it happen the other way, that the app wouldn't show it surging but came through as a surge request.
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    The Sunday Night "Ghost Pax"

    Welcome to the forums..thats a huge number of people who havent rated you out of 250 trips. In comparison I have done 572 rides and 405 people have rated me that is 71% of all rides. I do mostly evening & night shifts on weekend.
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    GPS follies

    Yeah google maps has gone crazy in recent days, it wasnt this bad earlier. Also it has been suggesting there is toll when going north on falcon st...say from city to mosman Also previously i had noticed it would show tolls on the western distributor when you are about to get on the anzac...
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    So i just received 28 new issues in rider feedback.

    Pro tip: if you feel like a bad rating is coming while you are driving the passenger...just before you reach the destination sneakily turn your mobile internet data OFF, and then when you reach your destination you won't be able to complete the trip when swiping. Show this to the pax and tell...
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    Sydney Drivers Log

    Thanks for the logs, may be we can convince you to do Uber Eats ;)
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    Posh People

    I need to stop giving a f#$# about the ratings but at times its hard to not take it personally
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    Posh People

    For some reason this week has been the worst in terms of rating even though i didnt do many surge rides. Just completed 500 trips so my rating shouldn't fluctuate so much. Did just over 50 trips this week and have had between 8-10 non 5 star ratings for the week. Should be my lowest rated...
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    Rating page replaced with Request accepted and Trips cancelled

    Can you pls post a app and dashboard are still the same?
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    Are there many older drivers in Sydney?

    Wow lot of older drivers...27 here but only work on weekends..
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    Uber Eats Rates

    The biggest downfall is that if you sign up for Uber Eats you Cannot do uberx can login to your account to only do uber eats delivery...but you cant do uber x will have a smelly car and some unhappy pax if you are transporting people and food on the same night..