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  1. WestSydGuy

    Best Phone Case for UberEats scooter

    Hey all, does anyone have any tips for a decent phone holder for a scooter? Something that can be removed and securely attached to a scooter often, perhaps with a battery pack inside?
  2. WestSydGuy

    Driving with a Covid-19 positive PAX

    Looking at 13cabs sanitisation videos, what would you do if you drive a PAX that admits to being COVID-19 positive, heading from T1 to home?
  3. WestSydGuy

    Uber might not take over the world, but it is still normalising job insecurity

    Uber might not take over the world, but it is still normalising job insecurity The effective exclusion of Uber from London, one of the digital platform’s most lucrative markets, adds to a small but significant list of places putting up roadblocks to “uberisation”. Governments in Bulgaria...
  4. WestSydGuy

    Uber Eats driver sacked, appeal Uber Eats driver sacked for being 10 minutes late seeks tribunal appeal By Anna Patty November 18, 2019 — 12.00am A sacked Uber Eats delivery worker will on...
  5. WestSydGuy

    Perth War, what is it good for? Soon to be in Sydney! Punters cash in as rideshare companies go to war for Western Australia Emma Young Journalist November 2, 2019 — 9.41am Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Send...
  6. WestSydGuy

    War, what is it good for? Promotions! Look out Uber as ride-sharing services Ola and DiDi declare war Stephan Cerni is a fan of Ola’s emergency button. Picture: John Feder...
  7. WestSydGuy

    Multiple business activity types

    Hey @Jack Malarkey and other tax experts, I have a query around multiple businesses which I'm sure has been asked or answered before, but would like some confirmation if possible. I've read about some Melbourne members running multiple businesses, such as an airport xfer business, renting cars...
  8. WestSydGuy

    Newcastle: DiDi service fee inscreva-se starting midnight tonight

    13% commission for new drivers, up from 5%. Weekly quests that increase based on your performance. Any Newcastle drivers have any feedback?
  9. WestSydGuy

    DiDi launching in Perth What about Sydney? Perhaps DiDi are still working on copying the Uber PAX app?
  10. WestSydGuy

    Sandeep in deep doo doo Uber driver's 'scary' proposal to passenger By A Current Affair Staff - 3 hours ago An Uber passenger claims her driver made an indecent proposal. A shocking recording has exposed an Uber driver's indecent proposal to a...
  11. WestSydGuy

    GM Cabs need new drivers - urgently

    great example of GM cabs in action :biggrin: :smiles: it should start at 5:48
  12. WestSydGuy

    NSW Taxi Zones at Norwest metro stations

    Has anybody seen a taxi zone used by a taxi yet, at Rouse Hill, Tallawong, Kellyville, Bella Vista, Norwest or Cherrybrook, metro stations? There is around 6-8 prime parking spots, reserved for taxi's. Just wondering if anybody has even heard of a taxi using these spots, as I have never seen a...
  13. WestSydGuy

    NEWS: A ride-share driver in Bondi drove down a set of stairs by mistake A ride-share driver in Bondi drove down a set of stairs by mistake Mitchell Van Homrigh, The Daily Telegraph August 12, 2019 10:49am A...
  14. WestSydGuy

    Airtax - ATO BAS and Income tax info A handy overview of what can be claimed. I'd like to double check with @Jack Malarkey about claiming "Occupancy expenses", as an Uber driver, would our home office be considered a principle workspace...
  15. WestSydGuy

    Hungry Jacks $5 meal special

    Install the HJ app, register, enjoy. Until 19th August, click the bottom right ticket icon to see it. Also, within 30 minutes of getting there, do the shake to win at the top off app, you get two chances, something like a free coffee/hash brown when buying a meal, with a 30 minute expiry...
  16. WestSydGuy

    ATO: Mechanical Tools deductions EOFY

    If we choose to do minor maintenance to our vehicles, such as oil change, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter and tyre rotations, the parts we can expense immeditately, however the tools, such as a low profile hydraulic jack, such as...
  17. WestSydGuy

    Coles put on notice as unions target 'App Economy'

    Interesting article about a recent Union stunt outside the seedy cinema area of George St. I really feel that delivery riders that get injured are punished for doing their job, wouldn't recommend using a push bike to deliver in Sydney anymore, FYI @macbri
  18. WestSydGuy

    News from Australia: Coles put on notice as unions target 'App Economy'

    Coles put on notice as unions target 'App Economy' ACTU prepares to smash Uber Eats. Convenience apps and the companies behind them have officially become the new front line against so-called gig economy employers for Australian unions, after the ACTU put Uber on notice it’s now on the way to...
  19. WestSydGuy

    Uber Pro Points

    Any idea what this newest feature is in earnings tab? There is a points section now? Perhaps we’ll earn points and can trade them for stars? 1557562264 Under the earnings tab
  20. WestSydGuy

    News: Uber drivers plan shutdown over ‘poverty wages’ as company goes public Drivers will turn off apps in seven US cities on 8 May as collectives condemn IPO for lining executives’ pockets Uber drivers in the US will stage a shutdown for 12 hours to protest against poor working conditions and...