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    Friday night surge.

    What happened to the surge! It was gutted. I did a couple min fares that should of had surge and a 20 mile trip that also should of surged. Nothing... Yet you can clearly see the outline of the hollow surge
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    I have several support threads ie @@@@@ fests open on these exact topics. You should all do the same. Let support hear about it. Over and over and over
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    DD and Lyft app crashing...

    Looks to be widespread
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    DD and Lyft app crashing...

    Seems to crash on the map load. Both apps use Google maps. Both are crashing at load. Galaxy s10+. Anyone else having issues todaym
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    Why are you still driving rideshare or delivery?

    Because public transport is so great and widely available outside urban environments. Also what about grocery delivery? I continue to bring in nearly $200 a day (deliveries). I'll keep at it with my normal germaphobic practices. Ant 7 who is this tool
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    Account on hold (mini rant)

    You can only sign on if it's busy. Otherwise you have to schedule a block in advance
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    Tarrant County 'Dead Zone'

    They wouldn't remove it for me till I literally stole an order then cancelled the next 15. Eventually I realised driving cheeseburgers is less stressful than paxholes so I begged for months (off and on) for eats reactivation. They didn't budge until I laid 20 rude passenger complaints on their...
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    Nautical Wheeler is out of the game for now due to a hit-and-run by a pickup truck at Loop 12 and Northwest Highway :(

    Oh poor cops missing their cameras cause they can't write tickets from an office chair. The 1st hit and run I was victim of was never investigated (thanks dpd). The 2nd was caught so ya never know
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    2nd Saturday night in a row a surge

    Glitch or not... I don't trust it. Going back to morning shift until I receive something other than eats requests at 2am Sunday. (The eats actually paid better running doubles)
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    2nd Saturday night in a row a surge

    It's not preferences. Uber throttling is real apparently. Almost 4yrs working Saturday nights and just now the pings diminish. Im not buying. Some drivers report back to back pings... I did not get a single one in Denton between 2:05 and 2:25 and when I did it was out to the middle of no where...
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    2nd Saturday night in a row a surge

    Exact same is happening to me. Either uber is up to something or Lyft and possibly comfort have killed x off. God I hate lyft.
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    The ideal Uber driver - The funniest comment wins a $20 gift card.

    Quick to anger, sexual deviant
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    Hats off to all the airport bums. Keep your day jobs LOL!!!

    That would explain the 60 car que when I dropped off at 635 and 35 just before 3am
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    Worst new years ever!

    Multiplier still shows for me but it's exceedingly rare.
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    Worst new years ever!

    Better numbers than I anticipated on the night. I cleared 440 x only and some Lyft
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    Prematch Looks Like Ejecting Me

    Yes you guys missed the question. It's similar to Lyft saying head to the terminal finalizing ride details. Except on Lyft it seems you always get a ride. Twice Uber has done the same to me but with no ride ever finalized. That's usually when I dump the sticky surge and bolt. Bad enough pulling...
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    No Internet connection

    Per usual
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    Banner night for drunk/rowdy pax?

    All my riders were poor and or weird. Thank God for the $100 unicorn out of w 7th
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    Only thing Lyft seems to be better at these days... Tracking tolls.
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    Who worked The Black Keys @ Dickies Arena tonight?

    oh we're alll float on.... Do credit Modest Mouse.