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  1. Oscar Levant

    Recommendations for Food bags

    There are a number of sealable food delivery bags on Amazon for sale. I need one that preferably has drink holders on the outside. Any recommendations?
  2. Oscar Levant

    Got my stimulus check, and man, I am tempted to take a two week vacation.

    I'm tempted, but i better get back to work, might need that dough for an emergency. How y'all doing?
  3. Oscar Levant

    Dubious business practices done by Grubhub

    I wonder if the others are doing this kind of stuff?
  4. Oscar Levant

    IRS url to find out when your stimulus check will arrive.

    I checked with the IRS, and I was told "May 1". So, cool ! Go here:
  5. Oscar Levant

    I just filled my tank for $1.89 per gal. in CALIFORNIA !!!

    I know y'all in other states are used to prices like that, but in January, I was paying $3.50 here in San Diego. that's like a miracle around these parts.
  6. Oscar Levant

    UberX vs UberEats

    I recently switched from UberX to UberEats, I also have Postmates, but it's only for back up, in case something happens to Uber, you never know. I've always resisted the idea of doing food delivery as my perception was that it was not lucrative. Now, I don't even know why I even thought that...
  7. Oscar Levant


    What are you guys using for auto insurance? Mercury has jacked my insurance from $125 to $267 Is there anything cheaper for California?
  8. Oscar Levant

    I'm making GREAT tips, EVERYONE is tipping. How about you?

    My tips are almost equal to my delivery fees. I figured it out, people are tipping a percentage of the food tab, they are not tipping a percentage of the delivery fee, and if it's 20% of, say $15 food tab, it's not like that, the delivery charge is $10, so they are tipping a percentage of...
  9. Oscar Levant

    Did you know you can send a "Thanks for the tip" message to customers?

    Click on this path Earnings>See details>scroll down,then>See earnings activity Then each delivery will be detailed, and a blue bar will say : Thank customer for tip, just click on the blue bar, and a thanks will be sent.
  10. Oscar Levant

    Was this a fluke?

    I just started UberEats, and last week, my tips were 43% !!! Is this a fluke, or can I expect similar results to continue?
  11. Oscar Levant

    Advice needed on UberEats ( delivery only, no pax ) Insurance

    My insurer ( Mercury ) in CA, just jacked up my UberX add on to $267 per month, it was only $125 per month a while back. (both are totals, insurance plus rideshare add on ) I told her I'm no longer doing UberX, just doing UberEats, and now she tells me they do not insure UberEats, I told...
  12. Oscar Levant

    Stores out of gloves? Improvise this little trick

    Protective gear is getting scarce, and it will only get worse. So....Go to any drug store and purchase a pack of ladies ponytail ties (you'll find them in the cosmetic/ladies section) get the biggest ones they sell, they are like soft rubber bands. Since I have long hair and I wear my hear in...
  13. Oscar Levant

    I know there's a lotta reasons to bellyache, but...

    I'm 69, no job prospects ( not much better for anyone now, I suspect ) and I'm getting by with UberEats, got Postmates as back up, and I don't know about you, I'm knocking on wood I have an income at all. My social security is not much ( though it helps) It's a lot worse for a lot of people...
  14. Oscar Levant

    I called North County Yellow Cab, and here's what the dispatcher told me

    I asked her if the coronavirus was having an impact on business, and she told me...... NO! I cleared my throat, and asked her again, thinking she might have misunderstood what I was asking, she, again, told me no. I find that hard to believe, but in the remote chance it's true, I'm going to...
  15. Oscar Levant

    This "Phd" guy claims that heat above 133 F kills the virus, offers proof

    Would this work? Killing the virus by going to saunas. Or, using a blow dryer ( a certain strict way, as described in the video).? Would someone please help me investigate this? I searched the net for any negative info on him, scam, fraud, etc, and nothing came up, so if you find...
  16. Oscar Levant

    Question about UberEats

    Hi, I just signed up with UberEats, I've been an UberX driver since pretty much when Uber first came to my city back in 2013. So, all I want to know is that, can I opt out of accepting Eats orders when I want to? I"m just doing this during the Coronavirus, since X biz is slower, and I'm...
  17. Oscar Levant

    I figured it out: The Coronavirus was planted by Aliens!

    I know this sounds utterly preposterous, but hear me out. I just finished reading a book by Dr. David Jacobs entitled, "Walking Among Us". He, John Mack ( Harvard Psychiatrist ) and Bud Hopkins have been regressing people under hypnosis. These are people who have reported to have "missing...
  18. Oscar Levant

    Have your rates seriously increased?

    I got a trip from downtown to the airport usually I get for 5 or $4 or so I got almost 10 bucjs and then I got another trip from downtown to UTC 20 bucks I usually get 10 are you guys experiencing similar rate increases? I hope this lasts
  19. Oscar Levant

    Will Uber go out of business?

    The IPO raised $9 billion for Uber. Uber burned through $5 billion of that dough in one year following the IPO. In order to raise more cash to sustain operations, Uber will have to sell more stock. But, thing is, the stock's value is going down. And, as this cycle continues, the point...
  20. Oscar Levant

    I few weeks ago, I said I was going to be a process server, here's the latest on it:

    Okay, i got my license, and I've been working for a small attorney service. I'm getting paid $35 per serve, and most of them I serve papers on the first try. See, you get enough of them, you create a route, so there is't much distance between serves. Now, my boss is getting about $100, so...