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  1. SobrbNWI

    Volume of Driver app

    There seems to be an issue with the app on iOS right now. The Uber app forces the phone to route all of its audio as if it was a phone call. It is quite annoying.
  2. SobrbNWI


    You don't need it. save your hard earned money for something else.
  3. SobrbNWI

    Lol wut?

    The newest that truck can be is a 1996.
  4. SobrbNWI

    This is unacceptable Uber!

    No long pick up $ on DF
  5. SobrbNWI

    Chicago can now make more on a Uber X ride than the driver!

    Chicago tax will be as high as $3.00. Min driver fare, $2.25. Thanks Lori!
  6. SobrbNWI

    When Idiots Try to Scam with Six People

    at 13K, I would hope so....
  7. SobrbNWI

    You son of a

    You have to accept 17 of 20 rides to maintain 85%
  8. SobrbNWI

    Anybody know how to delate an old car

    You actually gotta call support.
  9. SobrbNWI

    Different surges for different drivers

    Last night 5 of us were in the uber lot at the Tinley Park music theatre, and 3 of us had lower surges that the other 2, by nearly half, 2 would have $19 and 3 of us had $9.25. This wasn't just a case of the surge just not updating, this went on for over a half hour. Even the pings showed the...
  10. SobrbNWI

    Uber pax ratings visible

    Ive seen a 4.20
  11. SobrbNWI

    Uber pax ratings visible

    Did you take a trip in Indiana today?
  12. SobrbNWI

    Enter Dropoff Location

    I've gotten this twice recently, I start trip and there is no destination listed. I know the rider app wont let pax request without a destination, unless it was an ancient version of the pax app. This been happening to anyone else?
  13. SobrbNWI

    Swiching destinations

    You cant change destination on pool.
  14. SobrbNWI

    Any night riders track your headlight bulb life?

    I got some factory HID lights from the junkyard, they last way longer than halogen. HID's were an option on my car, but mine didnt have them. Way better light output also.
  15. SobrbNWI

    "Courtesy Payment" $100 for Incorrect Deactivation

    I got that a year ago with a "smell of weed" complaint.
  16. SobrbNWI

    Another entitled pax post

    There's a Skid Row in LA
  17. SobrbNWI

    Troubleshooting non-bluetooth rider calls

    Seems to be an app issue
  18. SobrbNWI

    Which strip clubs pay drivers?

    Yes, just tell him how many you brought in, and you'll get paid
  19. SobrbNWI

    Which strip clubs pay drivers?

    Like in Vegas cabs, some will pay for bringing people to their establishment.
  20. SobrbNWI

    Which strip clubs pay drivers?

    Polekatz in Bridgeview pays $10 per person Atlantis in Ford Heights does not pay.