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    How was your day April 2020?

    Left the state. I work remotely in the day job and left the state as cost of living was getting out of control. Accelerating my savings and minimize my debts was the goal in 2020. Denver no longer had the same financial appeal that it did when I moved there a decade ago.
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    How was your day April 2020?

    How are things looking out in Denver? I had moved right before the outbreak but can't imagine having to drive in these conditions. I hope you Denver folks are staying safe.
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    Uber Will Put Ads on Top of Vehicles Just Like Old-School Taxis

    No need ... since I’m an independent operator ... I could negotiate directly with a company of my choosing. Point is... if this flys at local level as far as legislation one could conceivably be able to put whatever they want on their car as far as advertising and cut uber 100 % out of the...
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    Uber Will Put Ads on Top of Vehicles Just Like Old-School Taxis

    This is an interesting development ... the bigger question I have is what is the revenue split. Also , as an independent contractor do I have the right to negotiate directly with a company or with another one for a better split of the pie seeing that we’re not employees ???
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    Pax Can Now Discreetly Report Drivers

    I wonder if any drivers tracked a rider down after they caused a deactivation... Waze does a wonderful job of recording addresses ...
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    Are you Ashamed or Proud of driving U/L?

    I could care less what any uber passenger may think ... I drive an old beater, but guess what ? My operation makes me money. I view the passengers as entirely transactional and they are helping me bring in extra income for other things. They are not my friends , family , or anything other than...
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    Your silliest newbie mistakes

    Biggest mistake I made was thinking either of these companies cared about my well being and actually had souls ... once I realized this is a bottom line business and my objectives are to maximize profitability, minimize expenses , and get home safely my entire paradigm shifted.
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    Karma? What to do when condescending non-tipping millennial calls asking about item left in car?

    I think there was a great thread on this a few years and how this gig can make you lose faith in humanity. Samior something or other in sure you can find it on here . I return all items if you’re a decent person at my convenience. When you’re entitled brat and don’t know how to treat people...
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    Working for charity with Lyft

    You guys still answer the go go trips ? Once I figured out they are taking an additional cut off my work and asking me to help their customers i put them on my naughty list. Too much risk involved in these trips and I value my time.
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    OMG ...Lyft Destination Filter SUCKS !!!!

    Who cares about what lyft wants ... they could easily improve this so its equitable for everyone. Any ride you don’t want to take you aren’t obligated . If a passenger gets in the car and they are headed anywhere that is going to cause me to miss a meeting , pick up a kid , or whatever the...
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    Denver Uber cheating me on stats and income, Are they doing this to anyone besides me??

    Do stars feed your family ? Can you even use them on the dollar value meal ? I’d be far more concerned with understanding my distances and making sure uber/ Lyft arent under reporting those to you. Anytime you have a trip in a straight line I’d double check to make sure either company didn’t...
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    How was your day January 2020?

    Were they queuing a ride up for you ? I’m hoping one of these days these guys call me ... it’ll be a nice 300 dollar day
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    California -- Why not make gig economy workers ‘dependent contractors’?

    Union representation will slow down 100 % automation. Bringing drivers to the table as partners will insure that drivers don’t totally get cut out as the robots are phased in .
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    Is moving to XL worth it ?

    I think it depends on your style and market. I met a driver in the denver market who would routinely find mini vans 2 years from aging out of uber /Lyft . He was handy enough where he could do basic maintenance and he would at times run a lot of airport trips and concert venue rides . Keep in...
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    Handling the long pickup.

    What’s best for the community isn’t best for you ... profitable trips only !!
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    Handling the long pickup.

    45 mins ? That’s at least 30 miles or more ... Sans passenger and you have zero clue to where they are going ? There’s zero chance Id bother with that . Calling the passenger and asking for money could get you banned . Knowing the direction you still aren’t going to make up for the dead time it...
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    Share rant

    Just punch the original addrsss into your gps... when you’re driving the other way eventually the passenger will cancel . Nobody should be subjected to these in humane practices . The game is the game Lyft is blocked in my phone so passengers can’t contact me . Who cares about it when a...
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    Uber Is Testing a Feature That Lets Some California Drivers Set Fares

    Setting fares is fine as long as pricing floor exist. Allowing drivers to work against their best interest needs to be outlawed. If drivers are having trouble paying for basic maintenance you start getting into public safety issues the second one of these cars with bald tires slips off the road...
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    Cars that should not be used to uber in

    Less work more pay ... a lot of the denver crew has figured out that airport rides with rematch are the equivalent to 4 hours of driving stinky passengers 3 miles for $ 4.80. I work from home and take 4-5 trips a day and guess what 80% of the time they are airports. Alls you have to do is stay...
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    "You have an umbrella already. Just let me have this one."

    Unless she’s kin you can forget about me providing any extras. Yes you could have, but this is uber world . If you got hurt or killed exiting your vehicle would Uber’s insurance have covered you ? I don’t trust any rideshare company to do the right thing. The community thanks you, but by...