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    Gov Murphy Signs “Sami’s Law” in NJ

    I’m not going to diminish a tragic incident. Drivers need training and background checks. But competent responsible drivers need higher wages.
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    Gov Murphy Signs “Sami’s Law” in NJ

    It’s all new Thin the Herd. It’s going to take a few years to sort this whole thing out.
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    Unwarranted bad rating

    A drunk passenger a Taco Bell drive thru. Seriously. does it get worse then that?
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    Unwarranted bad rating

    You deserve a Break today. At McDonald’s ! Don’t worry karma and poor eating habits will catch up to them. Hope you relax and get a happy meal.
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    Pax uses the N word.

    Language is Arbitrary. I find it defines the user not The targeted. I ignore most of what I hear.
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    Can anyone explain this?

    Whatever works for you. Congratulations.
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    Can anyone explain this?

    You must be chasing fares far away.
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    Her, from Lafayette, Louisiana

    If she were fat and homely no one would have remembered her.
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    Proud owner of a 1* rating

    Getting a 1 is easy. Getting a 2 requires circumstance and a particularly psychotic individual. A 1 is a throw away. anyone can just act out and punch the 1 out of anger. But the 2! A passenger has to have thought it out and in his or her delusionsal state found a redeeming feature. Yes...
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    Uber Driver Rating Is Falling Rapidly.

    I think asking for a 5 rating might not be helping. Customers are becoming use to the service. They are more jaded.
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    Uber account and misdemeanor

    Couple of speeding tickets. Couple of Misdemeanors. There was that Felony. But the witness didn’t show up. And that Prosecutor who had it in for me. And the dirty urine test. And the RICO thing but that went nowhere. So whatcha think?
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    Anyone give a ride to someone famous?

    I was driving a cab in NYC. Way back part time in the late 90s. Two guys in suits and dark shades pulled me off the feed line at JFK. Asked me a few questions and told me to stay in handicapped space. One went inside and walked out with Ted Kennedy. It was pretty cool.
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    Great tip from pax

    Use to get big tips all the time. Circumcising Elephants.
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    If North Korea whipes out San Francisco with a nuke?

    This is not going to end well.
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    Uber Charges Pax 100 Times The Actual Fare

    Instant pay! Severance pay!
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    Question for New York City Uber Lyft drivers

    NYC imposed a minimum wage rule effecting Uber drivers , and a temporary moratorium on new applicants for NYC tlc licenses. I’m told by some friends it’s helped.
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    Routes under $80 = Not worth it

    Thank You. Informative and cautionary.
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    Smallest tip other than $0.00

    The lowest tip I ever received was -$30.00. Before he left the car he said Bold Ava in the 3rd race at Santa Anita.
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    Hope I don’t get in trouble

    Keep Honking. As you said no one has ever out Honked you. I suspect the last words you might hear before the loud boom. is who you honking at Honkey.
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    How many things can pax complain about.

    So the guy calls when he gets off the plane. Passengers all over the P.U area and I have to circle and bully my way back in. When he gets in the car I tell him exactly what he did. Couple of hours later I get “Conversation” report.