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  1. Trebor

    How do you tip? Electronically⚡or Cash💰?

    Drivers are relying on tips at this point to have a good day. I have stopped enabling them being able to abuse themselves for $2 rides. #notip 1584029571 That's what she said
  2. Trebor

    Less Drivers out there!

    DoorDash will very likely open the doors for new drivers if coronavirus lasts longer than a few weeks. Bragging about making almost $300 a only tells drivers they need to get on the waiting list. Hell, I stopped doing DoorDash when they decided to use tips to cover my base payout. I am strongly...
  3. Trebor

    Questions for the TNC "Airport :Police"

    Lol, you crack me up. Stop pretending to be someone you are not. The confirmation email that "everything was done right", came within 30 seconds of submitting it, and I did it on a Saturday afternoon when ya'll are closed.
  4. Trebor

    Questions for the TNC "Airport :Police"

    After these responses, I can confirm you are just a troll. Damn, and to think I was getting excited.
  5. Trebor

    More Lyft than Uber rides now?

    Uber for sure wins at the airport and for sure what more professionals prefer. At my "real" job, 95% of rideshare in expense reports is Uber compared to Lyft. The underlying reason, in my opinion is the fact that Lyft really marketed themselves to the college demographic in the early days. I...
  6. Trebor

    Rodeo is a huge bust

    I don't mind waiting an hr to be honest when that bonus is $15. $15/hr is my average overall. Any mileage on top of that is extra. I would rather do one ride for $20 than 10 $2 rides (which you can't do in an hr)
  7. Trebor


    you missed the last sentence.
  8. Trebor


    Rodeo will lack in surge this year. The problem is, all of the drivers, like yourself that think the rodeo is worth driving again, a lot of these drivers log in, even if there is not surge, and preventing it. At least you are in the no surge, no ride mindset.
  9. Trebor

    Where do you head when you leave Bush/IAH?

    I work nights and live roughly 10 minutes from IAH. Airport rides are pretty much non existent for my shift, but I try to work until I get one back to IAH, in the early morning, at which point I head home and go to sleep.
  10. Trebor

    More Lyft than Uber rides now?

    So Lyft really isn't busy. It just seems like it is because there are less drivers driving for Lyft for a couple reasons, mainly the fact that hardly see bonuses on Lyft vs. Uber, therefore the smart drives flock to Uber in times of high demand. Because of the lack of bonuses on Lyft, it gives...
  11. Trebor

    Coronavirus at IAH

    1) Avoid Asian names (I'll pick them up for you). I am pretty healthy, my immune system is pretty on point, so I will be okay if I get Coronavirus. 2) Medical Center is about to become a hotspot for real.
  12. Trebor

    FT Drivers need to figure out way to alleviate PT Drivers

    So I was semi promoted at my current job, (no raise right away, but got a good annual raise), basically I get to look at all the checks cut out to contractors. Anyhow, from frame installers to bartenders that do contract work on the side, I have realized that being a legitimate small busines...
  13. Trebor

    Accepting rides on Lyft while already on a Uber ride (If you are doing this please stop)

    1) If driver takes too long, or rider cancels in 2 minutes, they do not pay a cancel fee 2) FTP (F***ThePax) I accept rides on Uber or Lyft while driving for the other all the time. I have to minimize my downtime to make rideshare worth it. If that pax got angry with another driver and took it...
  14. Trebor

    My driving pet peeve.

    I do this when I see uber and lyft stickers in the windshield. Lower ratings gets you eventually kicked off (especially when the phone picks up hard braking) and in return I get more riders. 1582049654 This is why I love the bar crowd. No need to pay for happy endings and/or lap dances anymore.
  15. Trebor

    FT Drivers need to figure out way to alleviate PT Drivers

    1) This was always meant to be a part time job, side "hustle" whatever you want to call it. 2) This was always meant to be a part time job, side "hustle" whatever you want to call it. If you have made this full time, cool. But no reason to complain. If you can't make enough money, then get a...
  16. Trebor

    Do you feel guilty taking rides form public transit?

    I don't feel guilty, but I feel ashamed that a bus rider can afford me.
  17. Trebor

    How much is sticker for IAH? Houston folks?

    Only if you file and really that only happend to a small percentage of us since it was just 1 year it was required (when ARA issued permits) Just call them up (hcad if I remember correctly) and tell them you don't do rideshare anymore and it will stop.
  18. Trebor

    Mardi Gras Galveston

    If you go out to league city, you can probably get someone head to galveston for mardi gras events. Just be sure to go early in the evening. Wait too long and they will already be there.
  19. Trebor

    Mardi Gras Galveston

    Every year. Just be sure to head down there on Friday/Saturday nights as those are the busiest. Really, Galveston is Houston's best kept secret.
  20. Trebor

    How much is sticker for IAH? Houston folks?

    I have a guy that can get it within 24 hours and $100