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  1. SobrbNWI

    Chicago can now make more on a Uber X ride than the driver!

    Chicago tax will be as high as $3.00. Min driver fare, $2.25. Thanks Lori!
  2. SobrbNWI

    Different surges for different drivers

    Last night 5 of us were in the uber lot at the Tinley Park music theatre, and 3 of us had lower surges that the other 2, by nearly half, 2 would have $19 and 3 of us had $9.25. This wasn't just a case of the surge just not updating, this went on for over a half hour. Even the pings showed the...
  3. SobrbNWI

    Enter Dropoff Location

    I've gotten this twice recently, I start trip and there is no destination listed. I know the rider app wont let pax request without a destination, unless it was an ancient version of the pax app. This been happening to anyone else?
  4. SobrbNWI

    Which strip clubs pay drivers?

    Polekatz in Bridgeview pays $10 per person Atlantis in Ford Heights does not pay.
  5. SobrbNWI

    Look at this spineless Chicago driver...SMH
  6. SobrbNWI

    Uploaded a new insurance card, account placed on hold!!

    My insurance card was expiring in a few days, so I uploaded the new one last night. Now my account is on hold, and I can't go online. Support says that its to review my background check (been driving for a year) and that it'll be 7-10 BUSINESS days!! My background check has no new info. Ive had...
  7. SobrbNWI

    Had a puker, keep driving tonight?

    Issue resolved.
  8. SobrbNWI

    Got an ORD ping while on 90 with DF on!

    Had a pax go from Midway to West Dundee, on the way back I turned on the DF and got an ORD ping 12 mins away (which was my first ORD pickup) I didn't think it was possible for this to happen.
  9. SobrbNWI

    $2.85 booking fee!!

    Great way to increase riders in NWI, Uber. Why is it more than double that of Chicago?