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  1. TKDmom

    Hello New Orleans!

    Thanks! I definitely planning on it! I have some family there and I am head over heels in love with that city. I plan on doing the Teach Nola program. I'm just waiting for a good time to transition my daughter.
  2. TKDmom

    Hello New Orleans!

    I don't live in New Orleans, but I will in a couple of years. And they have street cars
  3. TKDmom

    Just Need to Vent!!

    I would, because it was my stupid idea for ordering it in the first place. Granted, not everyone thinks that way. I had one woman, who requested her fries to be cooked and "NO SOGGY FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!" she was a good 15 minute drive. Girl, those fries will be soggy. I could poke holes in the box...
  4. TKDmom

    March Madness Promotion

    I saw the promotion in the app days before. Then yesterday, no promotions. None coming up either.
  5. TKDmom

    Tax Time! Ask me anything about Ride-share Taxes

    Thanks for the response! I have no idea why my husband likes to do taxes that of the many battles I decide to let slide. I have the Inuit Quick Book app that has been keeping track of my Uber earnings and mileage. Do you suggest I just put the money I should owe taxes away and pay...
  6. TKDmom

    Tax Time! Ask me anything about Ride-share Taxes

    I just started with Uber Eats 2 weeks ago as a Second (well third) job. I use it for fun money. I want to pay quarterly, so it doesn't bite me in the ass later, but how do I do that with a full time job and a part time job that does take taxes out? I am also married. Do I just pay quarterly...