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  1. Thatendedbadly

    Uber needs you, False!

    That's how the message appears in my Yahoo! account, the vertical bar on the left shows the sender, Uber, the subject of the message is 'needs you, False!' These guys must have a huge pair. I got the survey the other day from Uber asking me how likely I was to recommend driving for Uber to...
  2. Thatendedbadly

    Why Uber might go belly up
  3. Thatendedbadly

    Didn't know you could do that.

    So, doing the 'ride sharing' thing again today, log on and get a ping almost immediately, which I accept. Problem being it's not really on my way-22 minutes across town, actually-hoping to get a ride towards where I live. Then I start getting more pings, after I've accepted the first ping. Skip...
  4. Thatendedbadly

    March 4 and no rate increase. And you were expecting one?

    Yeah, I just had to stay up after midnight to see it for myself :D
  5. Thatendedbadly

    Is Lyft worse than Uber?

    Just got a ping for a pax across town, evening rush hour 26 miles/40 minutes. I've read of others talking about long fares from Uber and I know Lyft has minimal market penetration in these parts but is this sort of thing common? Worst part, the idiot message I get chastising me when the ping...
  6. Thatendedbadly

    Pax app-Uber

    Was told by my Lyft mentor that the Lyft pax app shows only online vehicles that don't have fares, guessing that the Uber pax app shows all vehicles online, regardless of their status. Is that correct?
  7. Thatendedbadly

    Desperation can't be a legitimate reason

    For driving at .30/.30 in Detroit. Nor 'flexibility'. If you're driving for those rates you obviously have a vehicle, which you could use to snag that minimum wage job that guarantees an hourly income that's consistently higher than what you make driving for Uber. I've seen that reasoning many...
  8. Thatendedbadly

    Business week shows pax how to access their rating.

    And tells them they might have to wait longer for a ride if they have a lower rating, but doesn't bother to offer them an explanation as to why they don't have a 5 star rating. Naturally.
  9. Thatendedbadly

    Maybe peak Uber?

    Have read folks compare Uber to WalMart, turns out some folks think Walmart might be in trouble. Possibly for some of the same reasons that may dog Uber in the future.
  10. Thatendedbadly

    A brief recap of some of Uber's driver problems.
  11. Thatendedbadly

    Text notifications

    Aside from blocking the number is there any way to turn off those pointless Uber newsflashes? Looked in the driver app under settings and couldn't find anything.
  12. Thatendedbadly

    New Uber service

    Due to customers complaining that Uber rates are too expensive in many metro areas of the US, Uber is announcing a lower cost alternative for budget conscious consumers.
  13. Thatendedbadly

    Well I finally managed to do it.........

    Cancelled a fare today. Twice. Knew who the fare was, sent a text message asking for the location/destination, no response. I knew where the fare was going, no tip, fare marginal-no surge-and I didn't want to end up there. Cancel and almost immediately get a ping back for the SAME pax! Only...
  14. Thatendedbadly

    No UberX available.........

    I love it. In a 10 mile radius at least. Guess folks will have to call the cab company and hope they come out for that 3 mile fare................
  15. Thatendedbadly

    Beware Trinity Transportation-possibly.

    So I got my second cancellation today, referring to a cancellation after arrival. Pulled into the fenced lot and noticed it was Trinity Transportation, the bus lot/office on Van Born. I alternated between thinking it was a crank or an employee that needed a ride and figured Uber is a LOT cheaper...
  16. Thatendedbadly

    I'd rather drive ordinary folk....

    Just an observation, I know that Uber tells their customers that they don't have to tip, advice which most of the folks that have the means to apparently heed. I get a short fare today, picked up the guy from a Ruby Tuesday where he obviously worked, a small fare under $5. He gave me a $2 tip...
  17. Thatendedbadly

    Lucky me.

    So, finally bit the bullet and took my 1st Uber fare today after being registered and ready to drive for nearly a week. Drive ended up being from Woodhaven to Ypsilanti and would have been a waste of 2.25 hours if not for the 10 tip, on the way back I wanted a break from my first drive so I...