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  1. fairsailing

    Latest Lyft Pax App

    Pin is gone. Can only see cars around your actual gps location. Don't download if you want to keep the pin to see available cars anywhere. Hit other cities earlier, was hoping it was just a test, but apparently it is a Nationwide rollout. They really want to stop drivers from doing any...
  2. fairsailing


    Now rare morning rush hour PT/surge in yesterday's rain that Lyft at least managed to crush at least 15 minutes early with a flash streak of 4 for $12. This morning with no rain, they are at it again, another flash streak 4 for $12, virtually guaranteeing a PT free rush. So Lyft would like me to...
  3. fairsailing

    Lyft 's 100 Million investment in drivers

    Unfing believable. I am ashamed of you Lyft. I am sure this includes homeless shelters for all their drivers who can't afford a roof over their heads.
  4. fairsailing

    Help desk down?

    It has been a few months since I contacted Lyft support. Did today, emails and phone calls backs all failing, not going through. Is Lyft going out of business....
  5. fairsailing

    New low

    So this morning I check my app, to see what PT is during morning rush, and the online button is now animated, and when I move the map, the button goes half way to online then back to off line two or three times. Subliminal advertising is illegal, this is worse. Lyft has utterly lost every shred...
  6. fairsailing


    Lyft must be having coverage problems. They are doing 3 ride streaks for $15; an hour in each morning and evening rush, all week. First time I've seen this much advanced streak scheduling. Did everyone get these? I may actually work some of them. Of course, if widely distributed, bye bye PT...
  7. fairsailing

    Lyft Driver Round Table

    April 5th. 3 sessions, 10 drivers each, with the Twin Cities GM, whose name they don't even give. Catch, you have to answer questions then get selected. Anyone else get this text today? 2.5 years and first time I have seen Lyft do this. One of the questions kills me, "are you an experienced...
  8. fairsailing

    Uber and Lyft drivers' median hourly wage is just $3.37, report finds
  9. fairsailing

    Cancel fee scam

    I guess it stands to reason that with rates so low, desperation and just outright sleezyness are starting to grow in the driver ranks. Rush hour this morning, driver pulls up 50 yards away from A Loft front door, selects arrive, sees a short one, waits five minutes, selects no show for cancel...
  10. fairsailing

    Big signup bonus messing with Prime Time

    Rush hour Prime Time has all but disappeared here with crappy Power Zones to boot. This happened right about the time that Lyft started offering an $800/$800 signup bonus that required 300 rides in 60 days for full payout. Anyone else seeing this?
  11. fairsailing

    Alphabet's one billion dollars

    Perhaps we will see some decent incentives going forward. Maybe even the return AHG's, which disappeared here in February with the introduction of the useless 10 and 20% Power Zones.
  12. fairsailing

    35W closing for the weekend

    From 62 to downtown all weekend both directions. Vikings game, Gophers football game, three Twins games and the Twin Cities Marathon. Has MnDot completely lost it.
  13. fairsailing

    Lyft driver of the week

    Was quoted today saying that he accepts ALL rides. Started in June. Way to go! I am at 30% this week, guess I won't be up for a driver award....
  14. fairsailing

    If you're ever contacted by a reporter....

    "We're here to help if you get approached for an interview. Shoot a note to our communications team, and they'll make sure you're prepared for any questions." Sorry, no. I am not an employee. If I am ever interviewed it will be as an independent contractor that uses Lyft from time to time in...
  15. fairsailing

    Oh the irony...

    Just had to post this. I have almost two years Lyfting and 2k plus rides, a 4.97 rating and they routinely assume that I am passing on rides because I need a break. I think not. Time to grow up Lyft. But drivers always first (after us)!
  16. fairsailing

    New driver bonus increase???

    Rates here continue at their all time lows. We are still at our "temporary" rate reduction from last winter. But cars continue to increase, mostly eliminating any rush hour PT. In this environment Lyft just increased their sign up bonus from $200 for 30 rides in 30 days to $750 for 200 rides in...
  17. fairsailing

    Airport Prime Time

    Airport Prime Time often does not show for drivers, only for riders as they request a Lyft. Sometimes"rider" Prime Time will come and go without drivers ever being notified in driver mode. Sometimes the driver Prime Time notice does appear, but many minutes after riders start seeing it. Not...
  18. fairsailing

    Lyft App Issue

    Most recent update, 7/18 in this market at least, appears to have eliminated pickup address until after acceptance. All I now see is rating and Lyft's optimistic time to pickup until after I have accepted the ride. Even the tiny map during acceptance is so small as to be useless. Anyone else...