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  1. goobered

    UE put me in a Perpetual Background Check with no end... Suspect restaurant employee

    Omg what a jerk! Can you go over his head to a manager or the owner and tell them what happened? If it is within so many days they can undo the ratings. I had a similar kind of run in with Applebees that dropped my ratings. These restaurants should not be allowed to rate or at most just one...
  2. goobered

    Youre all being played for suckers.

    5 guys is a pain because they wait until the driver arrives to cook the fries, so they will be "fresh."
  3. goobered

    I advocate that Uber drivers ought to consider themselves as an independent business entity focused on the bottom line in every aspect of driving.

    Way to virtue signal with that Prius! Okay just kidding (maybe) but I totally agree with running it like a real business and considering the bottom line at all times. Point being that everyone's bottom line will be different depending on your circumstances, needs, life situation and market. I...
  4. goobered

    GA DOL

    Thanks, good luck to you too! I only do Eats, not X, but still. I have asthma and COPD. In addition to that I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and fragrances, which are in abundance now with disinfectants being used everywhere. I really shouldn't be out there working. I applied under...
  5. goobered

    GA DOL

    GA DOL finally got in touch with me, out of the blue, almost 2 months after I filed my claim. I was totally caught off guard and unprepared for this harried, abrupt conversation. It went a little something like this. DOL: Did a doctor tell you to stop working? Me: No. DOL: When do you think you...
  6. goobered

    Uber Pro levels - why do they reset every 3 months?

    Uber just wants to remind drivers that we have no real value to them other than being an ant. Same reason why getting only 6 thumbs down from scamming customers or incompetent restaurant workers will completely knock you off the tiers.
  7. goobered

    Red Lobster

    Red Lobster does this here too, they package hot and cold items together. I had it out with them about the wait times, 30 min+. They are one of the worst restaurants here to pick up from. I would have blacklisted them but yeah the tips are usually very good.
  8. goobered

    Cherry season is officially over

    I don't know, it depends on my health. I am applying for disability at this point so I'll have to see how that goes.
  9. goobered

    Cherry season is officially over

    I stopped driving at the end of March, but there were no cherries then, just pits.
  10. goobered

    How do you pee?

  11. goobered

    As restaurants reopen dining-rooms, delivery orders get placed on the back burner

    No, not at all, and it would have been fine if they brought it out in a timely manner. The carhop came out 3 times, first to apologize to everyone for delays. Second time took the money and said she would be right back. I tipped her of course on good faith. 15 minutes went by. We called and said...
  12. goobered

    article: As restaurants struggle, cities look to cap delivery fees

    If restaurants don't like the fees, they need to renegotiate their contracts, or cancel. Having government step in to limit private contracts that people already agreed to is a huge overreach. The one thing government might do better is to empower employees, ICs or small business owners to have...
  13. goobered

    Economically challenged delivery drivers unionize themselves out of their jobs

    This is a good parallel to my situation, because in my case the real problem is I have too many health issues to work a regular job. Working as an IC was my last best option, but rona just took that away. It typically takes years to get approved for disability. If the process wasn't so...
  14. goobered

    As restaurants reopen dining-rooms, delivery orders get placed on the back burner

    I ordered curbside at a place yesterday, and my order was sure put on the back burner. Ordered a steak and by the time they brought it out to me, it was dried out on top. Dine in was not even that busy by the looks of the parking lot. I dread going back to doing delivery.
  15. goobered

    My second $0 tip delivery in 2 days

    In my area it is wildly unpredictable. A poor neighborhood might be a high tip. A wealthy neighborhood might be a stiff. You just never know. But in general I get better tips in the nicer neighborhoods. The only trouble is they tend to be on the outskirts of town, or beyond, so by the time you...
  16. goobered

    Customers Think We Know the Building They Live In???

    I've never even seen a map at any of the places I have delivered to. A few places have tiny little signs pointing which way for the buildings. But a lot of people don't even give the building number or letter.
  17. goobered

    Algorithm Said I Was Being Naughty!

    I've had people say that once in awhile on a delivery. I just tell them it's very busy. But sometimes the GPS really does glitch and go all over the place even when I drive the most direct route there. The map will show me driving in places that don't even have roads. It amazes me the amount...
  18. goobered

    Another "Thumbs Down"-

    Yeah not really feasible to avoid apartments in a college town. But they are best avoided. I've tried giving friendly suggestions to people on giving directions. They generally don't appreciate it no matter how nice you are. Once in awhile I'll take a thumbs down for the satisfaction of...
  19. goobered

    Anyone seeing the new Uber Delivery notice?

    Years ago I was a delivery driver for Advance Auto. Delivered parts to shops. Is it something like that?
  20. goobered

    Delivery 🥗 - Missing meal

    I wouldn't hold it against the driver. Personally I look at it the same way I would UPS or Fedex. The driver's job is to deliver the package, not to check what's in it. I wouldn't want a driver opening the bag to look at my food, breathe on it or handle it. It doesn't make any difference if...