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  1. Trebor

    Is this your real job?

    For me, rideshare is not my "real job" but I still find this pretty offensive to drivers who this maybe a real job for whatever reason. How do you feel about this question? How do you respond?
  2. Trebor

    Who is driving to Atlanta for the 2019 Superbowl?

    Should be a bit warmer than Minneapolis and is only 12 hours away. (one day of driving) Does Atlanta require any special permits? Minneapolis did and considering you need a Minnesota or Wisconsin (or some other state if I am not remembering correctly) drivers license to get it.. I didn't go...
  3. Trebor

    UBER: "Too many delivery partners"

    Think they will do the same for the rideshare aspect of their business?
  4. Trebor

    Now you can filter requests! #gamechanger

    So I am able to filter requests now. I can choose to do UberX/Select/XL/Eats or any combination of them. I think itsablackmarket may actually have something nice to say.
  5. Trebor

    Uber Riders Tip More Often Than Lyft

    Looking at my earnings from this last week, I had 3 tips from Uber (11 rides) and 1 from Lyft. (22 rides) I couldnt refuse milking the guarantees. Anyhow funny thing is, the BIGGEST tip ($5) came from a guy I picked up from Dynamo Stadium bar area to a halfway house on main. Come think of it...
  6. Trebor

    "Ratings Protection" must work...

    So, we all heard about this ratings protection and it seems to be working. Last week this rider was demanding I speed because he was running late for his flight. I told him the best I could do is go a couple above the speed limit since I do not want to get pulled over. "But you dont...
  7. Trebor

    Tow Truck Driver Recommendations

    Lelekm reminded me that I need to find a good, cheap, reliable truck driver just in case I break down and I find myself far from home. So, my roadside assistance (USAA) only pays for 10 free miles. As we all know, 10 miles is not much. Last time I needed a tow, I was 30 miles away from my house...
  8. Trebor

    Roadside Assistance Comparison - What's the best one?

    Eventually our cars will beak, no matter how much we preventive maintenance we do. It is the cost of doing business. Anyways, whats your roadside assistance plan and what does it cover when it comes to towing? I have had a couple of hiccups on the road, flat tire, dead battery, etc. nothing...
  9. Trebor

    Red's Taxi Service - Woodlands - Harrasing Drivers, Beating on Cars

    Anybody have a story to tell? Who did you report it to? Asking for a friend.
  10. Trebor

    Pre-Match and Re-Match at airports coming soon! This is in San Francisco and a couple of other cities, and presumably it will come to Houston. I am on the fence about this one. I for one hate the pre-match. I feel I waste too much gas circling around the terminals...
  11. Trebor

    Why Drive Lyft if Uber Pays More? #boycottLyft

    As mentioned in another thread, Uber increased their prices by 6 cents/mile to help us pay for that 4 extra pennies of insurance. Lookie here people. Its a simple concept. Since Uber pays more (2 or 6 pennies depending on if you opted in for insurance or not) STOP DRIVING FOR LYFT!!! Is only...
  12. Trebor


    What's going on this week? Are riders finally feeling bad for us? Maybe 3 or 4 riders did not tip me this week... usually its the other way around. I'll tell you what, I always stop and buy coffee/energy drinks, snacks fast food and use the cash I have on hand. This morning I decided to count...
  13. Trebor

    IAH Queue not working properly (Closest driver's 20-25 minutes away)

    A rider told me last night that it was hard for her to get a driver. She requested a ride and got a few drivers that were 20-25 minutes away. I find this particularly weird given there were at least 50 cars waiting, and I myself had waited about an hour to be moved through the queue.
  14. Trebor

    HAS to ticket drivers sleeping in cars

    Another driver told me this today but I don't believe it to be true. At the same time, I wouldn't put it past them. I would be pissed off though if I can't sleep in the TNC lot. Its the best way to pass time.
  15. Trebor

    Get Me Raised their rates

    Day Rate Schedule (5:00am - 9:59pm) Vehicle Base Rate Per Mile Per Minute Safety & Security Fee Car $1.50 $1.50 $0.23 $3.50 SUV $3.00 $2.60 $0.35 $3.50 Night Rate Schedule...
  16. Trebor

    The wait is killing me

    When is the governor supposed to sign? Any timeline? The more I read into Lyft the more I want it to come.
  17. Trebor

    Shell Station @ Clayton/59 POSSIBLE bad gas

    I know many of you fill up here. Sometimes the price is what you get. I filled up the night before last and yesterday (assuming I used up the rest of my gas before the shell gas) and my check engine light came on. I got a code back and with my trusty obdII reader for iphone, I was able to clear...
  18. Trebor

    Critical Mass - Uber Style

    Regular protests have not worked in the past. Its time to do something a little more grassroots. I took the critical mass/idea name from the bicycle movement. Sine it is a movement, I am pretty confident in saying it is not trademarked, but we can call it something else. All of you have seen...
  19. Trebor

    Uber Strike on 5/15*/17 - Brought to you by local rideshare competitor

    I blocked his picture since it includes his wife, but as many of you may know already, (mods may not know) Michael Vayner is head of Houston/Galveston operations so I feel leaving his name is very relevant. I have not heard of a strike going down on 5/16 and this begs the question if getme is...
  20. Trebor

    Are Sled Dogs Considered Service Dogs?

    Serious question.