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  1. drdisaster

    2019 - Year in Review

    Thanks for sharing! It's actually not bad to compare notes every once in a while.
  2. drdisaster

    2019 - Year in Review

    So, we're getting to the end of the year, New Year's Eve is pending, but overall, how'd you do? Are you happy? Overall, yeah, I've been happy. Rideshare driving is supplemental income for me. I have a full-time day job. It's been good money to pay down debt and have a little extra cash to...
  3. drdisaster

    Surge City

    Go get em Boys! Bills fans trying to get home after the Patriots game.
  4. drdisaster

    Uber still trying to lower my Gold status

    Uber Pro PLATINUM... yeah! Currently below the 85% AR, so not getting the "sneak peek" benefit, that's the only benefit I value. Everything else is just crap. "Congratulations! Here's a coupon for 5% off crap." Oh yeah, "Stop by Subway for a free drink. Any since you're Platinum, you also...
  5. drdisaster

    Thank you UB Student.

    Yeah, and if you're Uber Pro Platinum, it's a small drink AND A COOKIE!!
  6. drdisaster

    Uber still trying to lower my Gold status

    Certainly is a Catch-22. You enjoy the perk of seeing details and screening rides. Do it too much and you lose the perk. 1573160343 I'll give them this much... this feature and the streak bonuses have definitely skewed my allegiance more to Uber than Lyft. Especially the part where you can't...
  7. drdisaster

    Uncle Mercs Story Time Thread

    IDK if it's just a red ant thing in the South, but when I lived in Florida, ants were always attracted to electrical items like my pool pump. FULL OF THEM! Well, that's been downtown Rochester lately, the ants have been attracted to it like magnets. I had a drop off on Park Ave and thought to...
  8. drdisaster

    Can a ride request send us to Canada.....

    You'd think the app would restrict that.
  9. drdisaster

    ROC Greece NY at 4AM

    My son has started a full-time job as a Wegmans warehouse worker. His shift starts at 4:30 a.m. We'll be vehicle sharing as much as possible for a couple of months until he can get his own car, but there are some days I really can't be without a vehicle. With all that being said, how hard...
  10. drdisaster

    Can a ride request send us to Canada.....

    Be careful where you try to drop off "at the foot of the bridge". My wife, who also drives, somehow went a little too far and entered "the zone" where she couldn't turn around and had to proceed to the booths.
  11. drdisaster

    How do I get out of the Airport que after dropping off a passenger at the Buffalo Airport......

    It's a catch-22... Gold shows you the crappy rides, so you decline them. Eventually, you fall below 85% acceptance rate and then they don't show you that little tidbit of information anymore. I have been getting "Long Pick Up Premiums" for pickups that are about 12 min+ away. Usually...
  12. drdisaster

    I'm amazed at the number of people that don't tip.....

    I laugh when someone says "I'm going to give you 5 stars!" I actually tell them, "Everyone gives 5 stars. If you truly appreciate my service, please consider a tip." I've had some decent tips lately, like someone rounded up their $3.66 ride with a $7 tip. Actually had an elderly couple hand...
  13. drdisaster

    Some Charts...

    Things have leveled back out after the summer slump. I am actually detecting a slight increase in the overall trendline.
  14. drdisaster

    Rear-ended in Rochester

    So, actually Allstate, Uber's insurance in my case, was very cooperative. They said the $1000 deductible wouldn't apply in this case since I was completely devoid of any culpability. They found the owner and insurance of the BMW. They told me to go to the shop of my choice and get an estimate...
  15. drdisaster

    This is why you dont do Buff State pickups.... lol

    So... did you actually pick her up? What was the result?
  16. drdisaster

    Rear-ended in Rochester

    Well, I had to report it... I had a passenger in the car. Otherwise, I'd agree with you. If she comes up with anything, I want to be legit. They did deactivate me just long enough to take and submit pics that my vehicle was not unsafe. I submitted them at night and by AM I was reactivated...
  17. drdisaster

    Rear-ended in Rochester

    I did get the BMW, front end, rear end, plate and model. I did not take the driver's photo but he's somewhat visible in one of them. 1569250356 So, basically what I hear you saying is screw Uber insurance and file a claim with the pickup company. Honestly, I don't even know what his insurance...
  18. drdisaster

    Rear-ended in Rochester

    I was driving with a pax in the car northbound on Portland (enough said right there) and came to a stop at a red light at Bay Street. We were stopped for a few seconds when I heard a collision behind me and a split-second later, bam, I was rear-ended. Asked the pax if she was OK, she said...
  19. drdisaster

    LYFT Getting rid of direction and time of travel preview.

    I've barely touched Lyft in the last month.
  20. drdisaster

    Uber Comfort Now lists "Upstate New York" and "Niagara Region" (which I assume means Ontario). My Honda Pilot is too old.