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    No default quest now?

    I guess I forgot to select a quest this week. Looked this morning and there's no default!?! They don't automatically give you the low one like they used to?? That's f'd up.
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    Service dog

    Did a pool last night (blah blah blah, don't do poo....yes, I know, but i kinda need the quest this week) and have a story to share and question about service animals. Already had1 pax in the car and stop to pick up another. It's a younger guy and girl (late teens/early 20's) with a 3 or 4...
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    Getting dropped from queue at OAK

    The last 3 times I've dropped off pax at OAK, there's been no immediate pax to pickup so I've had to go to the waiting lot. I'm literally right on the spot they tell me to go. I start working up in the queue and then get dropped!??! WTF! Anyone else?
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    Had a ride yesterday around 1PM. After I ended the trip and rated my rider, the payout never came. It just said "Processing". It was my last ride of the day. I kept checking the app but it was still that way until this morning. Fare was there and I guess it's right. Just did 3 rides and...
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    Airport surcharge coming out of my pay?!?!

    Noticed in my long airport ride the following in the fare details: Rider pays: 118 Uber gets: 49 Driver gets: 64 Airport surcharge: 5 Wait...what? 118-49 = 69, not 64. Why are they taking the surcharge out of my pay? In all fairness, they should be adding it to what the rider pays (pass...
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    Missing bridge toll refunded as promo

    Had a long trip tonight over a bridge to an airport and thought the fare was off a little. And I was right. In the fare details I noticed the bridge toll wasn't there. Submitted a claim and they gave it to me as promotion?!? That's a real cost, not a promo. Shouldn't it be called "fare...
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    Fare reduction for wrong pax?

    Had a pool the other day and picked up 2 guys during last leg of trip. They're claim to Uber is that I picked up the wrong passenger. I always confirm my passengers name and destination. starting the rebuttal process for this but I'm sure it'll go nowhere. anyone else experience this? total...
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    Duped by drive time to pax?

    Noticed recently that when I accept a ride and start driving to pax, that many times the estimated time to arrive doesn't change much. I understand it's estimated but something's wrong when I accept and start driving and it says 8 minutes but it really takes me 20 minutes!?!? And with no...
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    Express pool issues

    Hello all – I’m new to Uber and have been driving for almost a month. I’m in my late 40’s, live in the SF Bay Area, have a good paying day job, and drive most nights after work to pay for some extra things for my family. For the most part, it’s been good but I do have some issues. Some minor...