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    Has surge been eliminated?

    I already know the responses I’ll get but I’m asking seriously. I got a job (finally) a few months ago and occasionally uber since I’m trying to save up for some things but not really that often but I haven’t seen surges but I keep seeing this stupid new gray area nonsense and just now at 2 am I...
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    Maybe not anything drastically new for some of us but I saw this on twitter and thought I would share. No info though on hours or parking (which is why sugarhouse is my go to)...
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    Sounds like a viable strategy

    Doesn’t surprise me at all
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    Not staying open as long in the background?

    So when I uber I frequently have the app on in the background while I’m either doing something else between rides or navigating using a gps that isn’t awful and it has that blue “uber driver is using your location” bar across the top (iPhone) but lately that doesn’t stay on as long and if I’m...
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    Most generous tip ever

    I hope he didn't go broke being generous to me
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    Has there been a large influx of new drivers recently?

    I ask because this is the second week in a row, I saw someone driving on the train tracks in the middle of Columbus in south philly. It has to be Uber drivers
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    Most convenient trip ever

    Decided to do some Uber for my first Friday night in forever. I was ready for one last trip and then calling it a night and the passenger lives in the same apartment complex as I do (it's not a terribly huge one either) Most convenient ending to the day ever
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    At least we have one question answered

    I was wondering how they would manage to screw people out of airport surge with the new system but we have our answer it seems. They'll move the fake surge from the wildlife refuge to places like the backend of the airport that we can't even get to
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    Morning rush hour

    today was the first time I worked a weekday morning in a long time. Is this the new normal? If so, it will also be the last time I do so in a long time
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    So are any of you guys Olympic athletes? Hahaha

    Uber wants to know
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    During and after the championship.

    You should always tell people not to have open containers in your car anyway but just in case, I saw this on Facebook just now. Assuming it's real but since I probably won't be driving I'm not that worried enough to look into it.
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    "Fake surges"

    so why does uber work to hold down surges or subtly shift their location? That's a leading question so I'll just answer it myself. It's because less passengers take rides when there's surges. So then why do people on here act shocked when they go to a surge cloud and there's no requests coming...
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    Who takes these rides?

    Seriously though, who sees this and thinks "wow I gotta accept that one"
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    Barf bags

    I have a bucket in my car but I'm thinking I should be extra prepared for tomorrow. Does Walmart sell barf bags? Or any place else open 24 hours that I can stop at later tonigh? And if so, what section would I find them in?
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    No more "stop new requests" button?

    I think by 180 days of change they meant pocket change
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    More insulting every week

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    Tawdry Tuesday is here!

    I don't know. Go drive or something.
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    Current quest question?

    Is this quest, at 25 trips I get $25 and then at 60, I get an additional 40, making it $65 for 60? Or is it really $40 for 65 trips? I'm not making an extra effort to complete the quest, I just want to know how insulted I should be.
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    Registration renewal question

    My registration renewal is due this month and I procrastinated because I'm a terrible person. If I renew it online is the online payment receipt adequate for uber and Lyft documents until I receive the actual registration in the mail? I know I can go to a fasttag place but I'm looking to save a...
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    PSA - careful with those air fresheners