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  1. tryingforthat5star

    Where and when are you most likely to shuffle?

    I had a few of those good money making cancels lol.. had one last year in Ross Twp, was dropping off two ladies and got a que ping for Cranberry Twp, so I run up there to a bar guys nowhere to be found now remember he's had 25 min now to know I'm arriving soon as I get there I wait wait finally...
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    Checkr delays due to shutdown causing Uber to lock out existing drivers

    Exactly so how is Uber able to pull this off and Postmates but then Lyft can't it make's no sense to me. Good way to get caught in some kind of act like Ozzyoz just said.
  3. tryingforthat5star

    Checkr delays due to shutdown causing Uber to lock out existing drivers

    My Uber one went through fine but my Lyft one never did.
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    I need to make a decision : Iphone or Android ??

    Keep Android if your doing Uber simple as that. Let me explain one thing to you so you understand clearly why. On Android you notice how the little Uber icon kinda sits there all the time well when you get a ping with Android it can take over the screen and pop up flash before your eyes making...
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    YES or NO!

    Yes been doing Uber Eats.
  6. tryingforthat5star

    Checkr delays due to shutdown causing Uber to lock out existing drivers

    Update: So my background check went through with Uber last night and came back today fine and no locking me out of the app. Lyft on the other hand is at a stall not sure what there doing but I don't really care.
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    Latest background Check

    Apprently no the case with Lyft myself any many others have emails stating they can't complete the background check. I also spotted Uber drivers now talking about the same thing.
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    Latest background Check

    There trying to complete background checks with Chekr and they can't complete them because all the court systems are down so there basically deactivating drivers now including Lyft until they can complete them. So if they can't hire new drivers and keep shutting down current drivers will they...
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    Checkr delays due to shutdown causing Uber to lock out existing drivers

    Lyft did this to me a few weeks ago I just said whatever I'm not using them so I'll continue to do Uber Eats. Now Uber doing it is new to me they have a lot more at stake though then Lyft there Eats business has been at the bottom of the barrel for years compared to Grub Hub and Doordash now is...
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    UberMedics....What is this ? 😷🤕🚑

    lmao made my morning with this. UberFire! haha
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    Where's the Fuzz?

    I'm loving it I can go from one restaurant to the next with Eats and barely any traffic and if I'm doing 45 in a 25 I'm not worried about being harassed with nobody around.. Actually it's increased my take home pay a good amount more money per hour less hassle.
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    Instant Pay In Progress

    As the title states just randomly last weekend I noticed that all my instant pay deposits into my bank are now showing in progress. I've had this bank for over 2 1/2 years and never seen this to recently. Anyone else noticing this lately? The money reflects in the total balance but apparently it...
  13. tryingforthat5star

    What's faster the 450 horsepower 12 mpg Ford Raptor or a Prius?

    I've owned a lot of economy cars over the years from the US, Japan, Korea you name it and the only economy car I ever owned that can cruise at over 100 mph and not even flinch while still accelerating is the Volkswagen Jetta.. German's got the whole 100 MPH plus club down even on there economy...
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    Could there be two future bombs coming up after laid off workers attempt to return to work?

    If you took notice during the government shutdown there was an up tick in drivers and new hires on the road.. this could fall on the lines of something like that. Valid points though made in this post something I've been thinking about lately.
  15. tryingforthat5star

    Lyft background check

    I got the same notice I was like oh well no loss on my end right now just one less driver they have on the road for whatever chance that driver might make them a few bucks.
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    PUA unemployment link to file

    I switched over to Uber Eats around March 24th been making around $120-300 a week since should I even attempt to apply and on top I still work my regular full time job W2?
  17. tryingforthat5star

    Stimulus Checks-Get Your Payment

    I was told the reason some can't get a status is because if you owed taxes and used Turbo Tax they did not take down your direct deposit info. Makes actual sense to me.
  18. tryingforthat5star

    Delivery not showing in app

    Can you post the link so I'm on the same page with you. I had this issue for years and every time I call them or email its the same story do this that reset the app. Nothing works I'm to the point I'll Cashapp someone money if they can get it work lol.
  19. tryingforthat5star

    Corona virus in Pittsburgh

    Wait till all this over with I'm almost half tempted to start driving out to Pittsburgh on weekends and hustle that area instead of Philly lol! For once Carson might be worth picking up at 2 AM again haha.