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  1. emdeplam

    Lissetti please post

    @Lissetti in my thoughts and prayers
  2. emdeplam

    Honey Badger fights the coronavirus

    @Lissetti in my thoughts and prayers
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    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

    To all my friends, be blessed. Make family memories. Reflect and dream. My sincerest best wishes to you all. Thanks to those who sent personal notes. My working journey is over and I am blessed with a private beach, a beautiful view, and time to sit in the sand and read and read and read.
  4. emdeplam

    Dog eat Dog

    To be clear, all Uber employees are sharing way more than 80% by exchanging their services well below there true value in exchange for company equity. Also employees are owners so how do you give to yourself Third I am a simple poet who happily shared my trade, and my other side jobs with...
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    Is Trade Dress a Requirement?

    How does someone argue with sharing? Sharing is a universal good value like ice cream and picnics and learning.
  6. emdeplam

    Dog eat Dog

    Wow, lots of insight. Hope some of you are using your gig income to fund business school. The gig is just a beginning
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    Is Trade Dress a Requirement?

    Dont underestimate the power of sharing, been rocking since preK and the power of green, changing transit one ride at a time. Lots of proud
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    Greetings From St Petersburg, FL

    Welcome, many say this gig is like the fountain of youth
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    Is Trade Dress a Requirement?

    Great idea to display your Uber trade dress at all times.... 1. Helps passengers identify you and feel comfortable 2. Sympathy at night from police 3. Great to get you that referral when your coworkers friends or others notice 4. Let's neighbors know why you are parked on their street 5 It's...
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    Are you invited?

    These events are wonderful. You get to see how not only are the partners touched, but their families as well.
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    Remember this?

    Embarrassing No one even close to that good looking driving for Uber. Total bait and switch
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    Is Uber really that bad???

    Getting in a car and driving people around is what many Americans have done since 16. Call it cruising..., so many did it for pure fun. Now there is a gig that pays you for the same thing! Awesome right
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    Is Rideshare Recession Proof?

    Not a bug, a feature
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    Well done
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    Personal Driver rules

    Can you share your list for managing your significant other?
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    Rider damaged my car

    Its between your business and the passenger. What's an app t Company have to do with a shopping cart.
  17. emdeplam

    How do we force Uber to bring rates up in cities with awful rates?

    Is this some bizarre twist to the American abortion debate?
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    Picky pax

  19. emdeplam

    Picky pax

    Game is the farthest from the truth. We are dealing with a carbon critical future and trying to reenvision transportation to avert disaster. No game, deadly serious
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    Picky pax

    Nope. Passengers that are going to game will drop the 1 bomb. A 3 is much much more thoughtful and deliberate. They were wronged and you need to assess what led to this.