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  1. DJF

    blue uber light

    I was pulled over last night on westbank for having blue uber light...threatened a ticket but let me same treatment in WBR a couple of weeks ago...asked BR police and he said it was ridiculous... who would mistake uber light for police? anyone else had similar problem?
  2. DJF

    Lyft in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores

    Does Lyft operate on the beach area....Uber yet?
  3. DJF

    return rides from MSY

    I was getting a ride about 50% of the time after drop off at MSY. Last week I went 0 for 3. (All Lyft). Have they changed policy? Also, all week long running both apps, NO Uber pings. Zero, none. App on over 4/5 hours.
  4. DJF

    Loser trip

    Dropped pax off at MSY as pulling out I got Lyft bing to St. Rose....20+ minutes....ride was to LaPlace, 3.31 miles, 8 minutes $4.50 for me and I'm still in LaPlace. Only took is as it was ride 2 of 3 streak bonus. Lyft/Uber need to address long ride to pick up short rides.
  5. DJF

    "We have 7, can we ride in back of truck?"

    That was text I got after accepting ride at LSU Ave. and Highland Road Saturday around noon. My reply, "NO" 5 seconds later the rider cancelled the ride. Fine. No one ever rides in the back my pickup.
  6. DJF

    Lyft makes changes to incentive program

    What are your thoughts about Lyft changing the driver incentive program? I liked the way it was and at first glance the changes look minor.
  7. DJF

    Low Rating during Mardi Gras

    I noticed I had my lowest rating last week...4.69 Wonder if it was due to Mardi Gras fares/traffic. Had 11 ratings 4 stars or less. Figured a couple must have been 3 or less. Still the same driver/vehicle that was earning 4.9 rating prior to this....
  8. DJF

    Interesting article...Chicago is home of cheap Uber
  9. DJF


    Comments I heard this weekend. 1. I would tip you but I don't have any cash. (more than once) 2. Can I put the tip on the card? 3. When I signed up we put 20% tip on trips. (Where in the world did that come from) 46 trips this week. About 5 riders left a tip. What's keeping Uber from doing...
  10. DJF

    Airport never surges...

    Why is there never a surge at BTR? Notice the area surrounding airport is red, but airport area. Picked up guy there after 11pm Monday and there were no other Ubers or taxis at the airport. Is this some kind of agreement between Uber and the city?
  11. DJF

    getting a mentoring session

    I'VE tried 3 times at setting up mentoring session in New Orleans area. Hopefully someone will pick up request this Saturday. Any suggestions on how to get this taken care of?
  12. DJF

    LYFT mentoring session

    I've tried unsuccessfully twice to set up mentoring session for lyft in New Orleans. Anyone a here a lyft mentor who can help ? When is the best time of week to set up session? How much advance notice does mentor need? Suggestions on locations to meet?
  13. DJF

    Fewer drivers in BR?

    My 1st post....Friday night, 2/19, I was extremely busy. Seemed like there were less drivers out.... With that said my take was still way less than what I was making when I started in November. I think I'll only drive if I don't have anything else to do.... Also....I've sent 4 emails about...