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    Historical Rate Cards- Denver

    Hey, does anyone happen to have the historical rate cards in this market from the beginning of Uber X's launch in Denver? Basically, I am looking for the date of the rate change, and the per mile/per minute wage. Thanks
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    DIA- inspections

    Just a heads up... PUC conducting random inspections today. They are checking for medical, driver's license, and vehicle inspections. Make sure you have a copy in your glove box.
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    Mountain trips/ safety issues

    Last weekend I got a request from downtown to go to Breckenridge during morning rush hour traffic. Lyft/ Uber do not show you the trip destination (exceptions for Uber Pro maybe). I politely declined since I don't deem it profitable and the risk of mountain driving without snow tires or AWD is...
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    The mysterious routing/pricing of Uber

    So I was out and about as a passenger. For the life of me I can't believe anyone uses the Uber navigation, but that's besides the point. Anyhow, my friend was going to order the uber and low and behold she's quoted aprox $ 15.00 to our downtown drop off. She mentions how my Uber's always...
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    To Pick up or to not pick up? That is the question..

    So I had an interesting experience today. I got a ping by someone who was rated a 4.1. I was debating if I should pick it up or let is pass. I typically don't care what your star rating is if I think you're headed to the airport. I pull up to the hotel, and low and behold this lady with the...
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    DIA - Long Trip Notification

    I'm curious if anyone is getting the long trip notifications from the airport? I had an airport run late last night that took me to Loveland. It would have been nice to know that the trip was over an hour before I started it. I had another one a few weeks ago where I actually called the...
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    Diversification in the sharing economy?

    My post is part caution/ part question... an issue with my Uber app not receiving trips led me to this post. I am curious how many of you out there are prepared if you lose access to one or the other, or your vehicle ? This is a side job for me, so anything I earn in my free time is extra $...